Small Stories

Sharpen your ‘axe’-Small Story


There was a woodcutter who had just joined the army, and the king was truly impressed with his dedication to his work. Encouraged, he began to work hard and cut down 18 trees in the first month, much to the king’s delight.

The following month he tried the same but was able to cut down only 15 trees. Even in the third month, he was still trying hard to cut down only 12 trees. The king visited him in the third month and spoke of the decline in production.

He explained that he may have become too weak or too old to do the job. The king asked him, “When did you last sharpen your ax?” Surprisingly he hasn’t done it twice in the last three months. That was the only reason he could not cut down any trees.

MORAL: It is good that you put a lot of effort and hard work into working towards your goals. But you should also set priorities in your life and set aside time with your family and set aside some time for relaxation that can boost your productivity.



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