When You Should Go Away If You Are Still In Love


People often wonder what is wrong: being in a relationship when you are no longer in love, or not being together when your love is still burning.

I really can’t answer that, because I’ve never been in a situation like this before. However, I am very familiar with the latter, and let me tell you that it hurts as much as anything else. If there is anything worse than this feeling, God, please be kind.

There may be tons of reasons why some people are not together, even if they are both still in love, or at least one of them. Maybe the wrong time, distance, age gap, social status, or maybe people just fall in love.


When I was still happily dating my ex-boyfriend, I kept thinking about my future. I thought about our next trip together, our next meeting (we were in LDR), how many children we would have, any city we would choose to spend our old days together. However, things began to go awry, or perhaps his love for me began to wane. And like a fish caught in a snare, I began to take great revenge for his behavior. I took his lack of love as a sign to me that I loved him more, which is what drove him so hard.

Sometimes I wonder why my love is not enough, why I am not satisfied. How come my well-organized and well-organized program is not good enough?
I honestly don’t know how I can accept the fact that someone can be your person, when that person is still looking for their own person, and not you.


When someone leaves you, but you are still in love with that person, you will try your best to get things back to normal. After a while, in the depths of your heart you will feel that it is time for you to let go, but somehow your heart will not let you, your memories will not let you, your hopes will not let you.

So keep trying and try until one day you see that nothing you say or do can stir up the flames. This will be a time when you will force yourself to go the other way than your heart desires. This, in turn, will sound like a painful death and a slow walk.

You will see how awesome it is that people and emotions can change in seconds. A person who once loved you can be completely different when he no longer loves you. It’s scary.


I understand now that life is not a myth, where every story has a happy ending. The cold truth is that you will have to live with this heartache for a while. You will always have to fight the urge to call or text him, and you will have to hold back the tears when you hear certain songs.

I have learned that the pain does not really go away, the pain will still be there, recorded in your heart. But over time, you will learn how to cope with it, and not let it bother you again.



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