Do Not Target Anything Less Than You Deserve


Do you prefer to buy a cheaper item that you will eventually replace because it breaks down more easily than expensive ones but lasts longer? Would you rather spend your time on something uncertain than waiting for something that is real and worthwhile? Would you rather spend all your time and effort on the one person you know is not the one you will end up with than the one God has set up for you? Well, I was always looking for the last ones.

Some people are in a relationship, but they actually feel more lonely than they are. They are not happy at all. But the thing is they can’t leave, or I should say they don’t want to leave because they instilled a lot of feelings in their partners, especially when they’ve been together for many years. They do not want to leave because they think that they will never find a better person. They don’t want to start over with someone else. Or just because they are afraid of being alone.


If you are in a toxic relationship, learn how to let go. Release all the pain, pressure, and frustration by letting go of that person.
I know it is normal for couples to fight and for some, it actually strengthens them, but if you cry every night and start to wonder, if you should your tears maybe not. You are in a relationship so you can bring out the best in each other, not continue to hurt each other. Your partner is designed to make your life better, not the other way around.

Know your value. Don’t settle for less by talking about what’s going on in your life because you’ve been together for so long. Leave her alone so that she can give that person enough time for you.




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