If You Want To Find Love, You Have To Take Risks


It’s one of the hardest situations to face: crossing someone when you know your time together has an expiration date. Yes, legally, we all have an expiration date, but the day I am talking about is a scheduled date. As the date is scheduled for download and depart from the east coast to the west coast. And leave behind a new person who has fallen for him, now the recipient who does not want to lose him.

For someone like me, who has not lived in the same place for more than nine months in the last two years, I am often encouraged by friends and family not to continue falling into this pattern. The pattern that has always left me at the end of getting anxious.


Now why do I always find myself in this situation?
Is it worth the risk? Before answering these questions, I would like to point out that every time we decide to make a decision in life, we put ourselves at risk. We can choose to make big poles depending on the size of the change we are going to make, or it can be a little risky like choosing to wear a bold accessory for something for the first time. But the greater the risk, the higher the reward or the worse the failure.

Risk is one of the most frightening risks we can take. As a good-looking person, I can honestly say that my greatest fear is to be in danger. Not to speak openly, not to be embarrassed in front of strangers, but to be in danger and to show my sincere feelings.

An outsider can see what the relationship between two people looks like on the outside. But they do not know what is really going on between the two men. I can ask for advice from my friends and family about my relationship with someone, and no two answers will be the same. It’s because they all have a different view of the relationship and a different sense of what’s best for me.


So, going back to the original questions of this post, I will answer the second question first. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. No matter how long you stay in one place or another, putting yourself in that place can be dangerous.

The only way a person will ever find someone else is to put themselves at risk. Wherever I am, and I meet someone I love, I go with that person. I’d rather risk it, end up in pain, than wonder what my whole life would be like, and regret not having had that opportunity as I drove myself into the sunset by myself.

So back to the first question of why I continue to fall into this pattern: I think it just goes back to my way of life. And that does not change in the foreseeable future.

For those who have seen me badly when things didn’t go the way I hoped they would: know thank you for your support. Also know that I am ready for you at this time not to say that I told you so. Bring that difficult love. But more importantly, you should know that I would rather feel sad than go through life wondering what would have happened if I had not gone.


In the end, I’m not in the mood for self-injury. I feel comfortable putting myself there and hoping for the best. Because in the end, at some point, the risk will pay off.



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