One Mindset You Need To Focus To Succeed In Times Of Uncertainty


Whether we like it or not, life is often the result of personal experience. It is all about the inner story that affects how we see ourselves and the world around us. Only for this reason, getting used to looking good (yes, it is a skill!) Can make a difference in our lives. In fact, scientifically speaking, it is considered one of the four most important things we must cultivate if we are to enjoy the highest good of all.

We can get a sense of uncertainty about what is happening in the world right now and while that is understandable, it is not the most practical approach you can take. Our brains are designed to strengthen its internal system of belief in terms of the food we give you (our thoughts on this), so when indifference and suspicion spread within our mind, it is widely believed to be the right way to think.


One of the most powerful steps we can take to change the way we look at our daily lives is what Carol Dweck calls mental growth. In his book, Dweck discusses the difference between mental and emotional development. A person with a consistent mind, as the name suggests, believes that his talents are entrenched, that he is unable to continue growing, and that finding the answer is a sign of weakness.

A person with a sense of growth on the other hand considers all events whether good or bad as an opportunity for continuous improvement. A person with a mature mind accepts challenges, perseveres when faced with challenges, and learns from criticism. My personal experience is that to develop this beautiful and broad mindset, a greater degree of sensitivity is needed.


Our life may not always be the way we intended it to be but in many ways, that its beauty as growth occurs most at the end of our comfort zone. While it may at times feel uncomfortable, when we learn to forgive ourselves and to be more empathetic toward ourselves and others, we waste less mental energy on negative thoughts while strengthening our resilience and action. After all, no one can judge us more than we judge ourselves so as we move away from our limited beliefs and turn our material misfortune into an opportunity to learn, our whole body chemistry changes.

“I can’t lose, I can win or I can study.” – Nelson Mandela

We live in a world of constant evolution where in order to stay fit we need to change with it. While learning about our inner world is important if we want to understand how to live to the fullest, learning new lessons and skills is also very important. This is not an important factor in improving our technology because most of the skills we now know will expire in 7 to 10 years but also our brain health too!


Every time we learn something new and do it, our brain can change the structure of its neurons or increase the number of connections that allow them to send and receive information faster. Neurons continue to interact in this way strengthening their connections and keeping our brains healthy and stopping aging.

When it comes to learning, I believe there are 2 aspects we need to focus on if we want to increase the quality of our knowledge. The first is to focus on having a different learning style, with simple learning words from different disciplines. This is a great way to build new connections in our brain, as well as increase our art and lateral thinking skills. In addition, it has been shown that knowing or focusing too much on just one domain can make it very difficult to accept or create new ideas and to adapt or find solutions to a problem in that field. In an increasingly complex world full of learning opportunities, let your mind wonder!


The second area to focus on is making learning a public service. Studies show that about 90% of our learning takes place in others. What a perfect excuse to create a variety of learning opportunities!

“Live as if you are going to die tomorrow. Learn to live forever. ”- Mahatma Gandhi

As one of the most effective ways of keeping important information is through repetition and emotional involvement, peer training can reflect real success. Why? It enables us to establish what we know while allowing ourselves to help others. The more different we learn, the more we get, and the more we get, the more we give. And when we are able to give, we take a bold step to expand the world of our opportunities, change the way we look and feel in our daily lives.




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