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Two sides to the whole story-Small Story


Every day we make many decisions and some involve others in our conclusion. But a simple phrase that we must always remember – Two sides of the whole story. Just know this and remember this when you reach the residence.

But I have five
An inspiring short story will teach you an important lesson that there are always two sides to the story. A decision made without knowing the full picture one day will not only hurt others but also us.


A math teacher in a 6-year-old class.
asked a boy named Adi.

”Adi, if I give you two mangoes and two more mangos. How many mangoes will you have?
You answered “5 mangoes”.


He was surprised by her response but tried again. Now this time he is using his fingers to make her count.
“Ok Adi, see if I give you one, two. Two mangoes and one one-two. Two mangoes. How many mangoes will you have? ”
He also replied “five mangoes”

This time he was really upset by her response but he controlled his anger and remembered that his mother had once told him that she loved strawberries. So, he tried this.
“Ok Adi, If I give you two strawberries and another two strawberries. Now how many strawberries do you have now? ”
“Teacher, 4 strawberries”


He felt relieved that he was back on track. So he asked her again.
“Now tell me, Adi, If I give you two mangoes and another two mangoes. how many mangoes do you have ”
He replied, “Teacher, five mangoes”
The teacher angrily yells “how can you have five mangoes if I give you four mangoes?”
“Teacher, because I have one mango in my bag”
Be quiet. The teacher calmed down and regretted his anger.


Two sides to the whole story. Never judge others. We should not make decisions for others without knowing their opinion. We made the decision based on what the correct understanding means which is the obvious answer and we did not try to know the practical validity of what the real truth is.



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