Small Stories

Just be-Small Story



One night, after spending a few days with his new wife, a man approached him and whispered in his ear, “I love you.”

He smiled – and the man smiled too – and said, “When I’m eighty years old and thinking about my whole life, I know I’ll remember this moment.”

After a few minutes, he fell asleep. The man was left with the silence of the room and the low noise of his wife’s breathing. He stayed awake, thinking about all the things they had done together, from their first day to their first vacation together and finally at their big wedding. This was just one of the many health decisions that the couple had made together that led to this moment of peace before them.


At one point, the man realized that it did not matter what they did or where they went. And it doesn’t matter where they went.

The only thing that mattered was the moment’s silence.

Just being together. Breathing together. And relax together.


We cannot let a clock, calendar, or pressure from external sources take over our lives and allow us to forget the fact that every moment of our lives is a gift and a miracle – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Remembering the special moments you spend in front of your loved ones are moments that give your life meaning.



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