Small Stories

A Beautiful Mess-Small Story


He was not your usual one-night stand. It was clear what his intentions were but he couldn’t help but be impressed by the way he gave you enough to answer your question but his answers ended up wanting more. He was the beginning of his good deeds, but he did not know it. He was a fire. His mysterious eyes caught his attention right away. He had a magnet that could not withstand him. His words flowed freely and dripped curiosity left, right and center, all over his mind and body. He wanted to immerse himself in him and feel what it was like to be a part of his world. He had a bad mental illness and would not stop at anything until he got what he wanted.

The two good criminals collided. They were inertia of each other. Their power came together so quickly, so easily and so completely that there was no way to back it up.


It was inevitable that the two souls would meet. They share an argument that builds up a great and lasting bond. The superpowers thought that nothing could break it.

The day came when the clouds began to move. It was all dark. Lightning flashed so brightly that they even saw thunderstorms louder than ever. Just then, the rain came and started raining. With the sharp swords and flames of the fiery furnace, they parted company.

They could no longer see or hear each other. Lightning came and went very quickly – only to give a glimpse, a brief, glimpse of someone else’s face. But even those quick moments of seeing the hearts of others, were not seen by anyone else.

Thunderstorms reinforced the words they wanted to utter, but they could not. There was so much noise, so much noise, they lost all communication. The rain came down in torrents, and soon our eyesight was restored. It was chaos. Tragedy. A perfect storm.


The two souls separated. What other choices did they have? Their home has been permanently damaged by the influence of natural forces. External forces work against them to separate them. There is just something very different about them. They do not follow the ways of the world. They do not allow the rumors of negligence to enter their minds. And this time it was no different.

Although, the storm was the worst, most dangerous, and the worst of them all, the love that bound the flaming man and this gentle woman was always their will.

You see, love was not just a feeling; For them, love was in action and in the physical world around them. It was in the way they treated and respected each other. It was the same with the way they protected one another. This bond, it was strong and true. That’s how they fell in love.

Her heart sank. So did he. The distance made them feel insecure. The silence was very loud and knocked very often on both their hearts. He tried to break the peace between them, but his small shell did not allow him to enter.


Then something happened. He played a card that none of them had ever seen before. A habit that is invincible by him. It was real and raw. They met at midnight. The storm had stopped. It is enough for them to find a way back to each other.

That’s all they need though, just a moment. And that moment was beautiful. It was a time when he gave her his heart. He also gave her his heart. They kissed each other hard. Absolutely one. She saw him. He is the One. And he saw her. Real.

At that moment – lightning and thunder struck and thundered again. During this time, it would also strengthen and strengthen their new beginning. Their story closed one chapter and opened the next. When they cried one last time for some tears that had burned their bond in the past, he held his head in the palm of his hands. At one glance he knew he wanted those hands to be the ones to hold on to whatever was next.


He looked her in the eye, kissed her on the forehead, and whispered, “You and I are fighting against the world, my child.” He knew he was the one he wanted to live with – because without him, life would be just a mess. The two sailed to the future, leaving the hurricane chapter behind. The next chapter was without a title. But they were happy. They knew this was the best thing that could happen to them.

As they passed on to the unknown and uncertainty of tomorrow, he looked up at her, with his head in his head and asked “Are you sure you want this beautiful mystery”? He looked down at her worried eyes and replied “As long as we get along well, my answer will always be yes”.

In the love of my life: let’s catch a fly, are you ready?



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