How can you ensure that 2021 does not ruin your hopes and dreams


To make sure 2021 a good year starts by preparing for 2021 now, this year, in 2020. Spending an entire year will leave you unprepared for every opportunity you encounter in 2021. You know you made the whole year a waste? Doing nothing about it. Do you know what could be worse than spending the rest of this year? To do old things is to take two steps back in life. Making sure you are ready for 2021 means planning your life in areas of health, wealth, love and happiness. I’m lucky for you, there is an easy way to do this.

To get the most out of the field of health, wealth, love, and happiness, you need to increase your social power. That is because your success in any aspect of life is affected by your success in your social and social life. Do you let your friends influence you to eat junk food? Are you able to connect with people to find mentors who are already there where you want to be in life? Are you attractive enough to attract the person you want?


More Public Power Means More Success
You can easily get what you want in life by simply getting more social power. Being able to communicate with anyone is the most powerful asset you can have in this world. Need to get into a better position? Reach out to your coach and do it. Need to know how to transform your business so that it is not under the pressure of COVID? Reach out to a business advisor and do it.

Need to know how to navigate the world of dating? Reach out to a (professional) dating coach and you’ve done it. Having a strong network and having good communication means you don’t have to have all the answers or all the solutions to reach your goals. All of this is good, but getting this kind of quick access to others who can benefit your life certainly starts with increasing your social potential. Your social power is largely determined by your value and quality.


Your success in the social and social markets is determined by your quality. Being in high quality creates interest and being in high quality creates attraction. Since interest comes before attraction when you first meet someone, let’s focus on the current value. Increasing your value means doing your best to be your champion in all areas that affect how people see you. These are divided into six categories: appearance, resources, sport, personality, status, and age.

“If you always try to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you are.” – Maya Angelou

Start Looksmaxing
What is “lookmaxing”? Great is what the word means: enhancing your appearance (working on yourself to look as good as possible). In this section, the key areas you need to focus on are:


Your suitability
Your Nutrition and Supplements (if available)
Your makeup (find a hairstyle that compliments your facial makeup, keep those nails trimmed, etc.)
Invest in a few great cologne (the kind you get recommended)
Clean your hygiene together (whiten your teeth, get local skin care, etc.)
Find good clothes
On the subject of finding the right balance clothes, to save money without donating to a good looking department, consider style pills (also known as capsule wardrobes). It is a small set of different pieces of clothing that all fit well and do not fit into any style but are in style. That means looking good for a long time without having to buy too many clothes or getting stuck in deciding what to wear.


Gather Your Resources Together
I’m not saying you combine your “funds” on purpose because your resources are built on top of your money. It is also built for your connection. So, if you want to know how to get started on this, you can start by looking at your financial gurus. Find one that you feel you can trust. Be sure to check out the review of their methods and personal finance strategies to see if they work (and check if these are the real people leaving these updates). After that, stick to the plan your financial provider offers you so you have something to start with.

Next, write down your top 20 goals that you want to achieve in your career. After that, find your top three in the list you want to achieve the most – more than the other 17. Then set your own time calculator for one minute and write down (it should be a pen on paper) as many words (only the first words) as you can think of people you think can help you with the top three goals you have written down. You can spend the rest of 2020 preparing to start communicating with these people by 2021 by researching them, their interests, similarities, and any obstacles or challenges they may face that you can help (areas where you can give value).


Forget Working in Your Game (For Now)
Working on your game to get better at talking to women will only help you once you start working to increase your quality. That’s because it’s not something you say how you say it. The love line that often opens a woman will not work if you are delivered with low self-esteem, insecurity, public fear and fear. It will only make the situation worse which will make you feel bad for trying if you have not yet developed an opposing ego. This is not a movie, it is a real world. You will not be rewarded in public for his number because you think your shyness is “too good”. Increase your quality first (adjust your mind and gain more emotional and social intelligence).

Develop a Responsible Personality (Positive)
Your personality is affected by your attitude toward others. There are various forms of domination, but the best styles of living social power are charm and the definition of grace. After all, in the final analysis it is up to you to decide which style of governing you will pursue and which one you will work best for.


Some styles are more aggressive than others. Those aggressive choices are the styles that provoke conversations about toxic manhood in today’s world. So, if you want a better form of social power and social success, think about developing great beauty and elegance. To develop more beauty, start by developing a deep love for people. Learn to be more grateful to the people in your life. To improve your motivation, contact your WHY-purpose in life.

“We are the people of our choice. Create a good story. ”- Jeff Bezos

Start Preparing for 2021 Now
You may have noticed that I left out the “status” and “age” category. That’s because status changes are based on what you’re doing and your current goals and so it’s different for everyone. Also, age does not change. So, by looking at all the improvements you can make in other categories and assuming that only one of these fields does not change, you have a great place to grow and the opportunity to grow your life! Get started on this list and it won’t be long before you realize that your ability to earn more in life has increased. What good news for anyone who wants more life, wealth, love, and happiness, but who is not sure what else they need to do to achieve it. Now, get ready for 2021!




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