How to Create a Next Chapter Space


You may have heard the saying before – it is important to create space for change. This could be attracting different professional opportunities, drawing the right partner for your life, being accepted into new levels of health and fitness or gaining a wealth of finances. Our lives are full of a set amount of time – literally each day. This means that every minute we choose to invest in a particular activity or individual we use it from a 24-hour time bank.

Earlier this year, I made a commitment to myself. I committed myself to removing certain material, relationships and investments of time that I felt were holding me back from moving forward. I found myself at the beginning of 2020 wishing for real change. However, being a self-taught creature, I knew that in order to see the changes I wanted to make, I needed to create space for them to happen. This would inevitably mean that I would have to dance at risk.


Removing things I needed meant getting rid of clutter – habits that were common and gave a sense of comfort. In fact, studies have shown that eliminating habits is one of the reasons why change is so difficult for most people. It requires you to create dangers and unknown fears. This cripples many people into living in conditions that hinder their progress because those who are normal feel safe.

“Promote success by failing. Disappointment and failure are two sure steps to success. ”- Dale Carnegie

Recently I was helping a friend move, which is a challenging task under normal circumstances, and very difficult if you reduce the workload. Cutting your living space in half means you have to make difficult decisions on what you want to keep and what needs to be removed. In doing so, you should also look at all the dark corners of your house where you store the things you want to deal with over time. It may be under your stairs, in the attic, or in your entire garage. It is confusing how much we can accumulate.


One of the crew looked around and exclaimed, “I love your new place. I wish I could move, there is no way I could, as I have so many things. ”In this real-life example, this man decided to live in a home that did not bring them happiness, in a place they did not want to live in, so they could cling to things they no longer used or needed, but were part of the fabric of their history. This shows how powerful mental and emotional bonds can be in preventing us from taking positive steps forward.

We talk about doing things for an indefinite purpose – because we have a job, because we don’t have a job, we are not smart enough, we don’t have time, and so on. This mental integration takes up a lot of space and if we want to expand and embrace the opportunities that exist for us, we need to open up space. We need to get rid of useless thoughts, remove the noise and open up new information.


While I wouldn’t pretend to create space for the next chapter – either personally or professionally – it’s easy, I found a formula to identify what no longer works for you, which can help you take the next step.

  1. Check People
    Do the people around you help you grow? Challenge you to climb? Holding accountable for your basic values? If the answer is yes, explain what a great gathering of peers, counselors and friends looks like that would feed your soul.

“You become like five people who spend a lot of time with them. Choose carefully. ”- Jim Rohn

  1. Check Circumstances
    Do you find your current or professional status encouraging? Encouraging you? Does it allow you to grow and prosper? Or do you feel stuck? If so, describe what a personal or professional situation would look like if you were in an office or at home that would allow you to convey ingenuity, ingenuity and opportunity.
  2. Examine the Investment of Times
    Things you choose to invest in your time – what are the investment returns? Do you feel strong behind? Are you happy? Read more? Do you feel good about your investment time? Or do you just feel like giving up? Are you stressed? If so, describe what a good investment period can be for you. Think of something you have never done before to expand your circle

In a world of intense change, there is no time like the present to complete one’s self-examination. Self-growth means having enough courage to deal with your manifestations and hold yourself accountable. For me, I found this space-building process liberating and that I would visit regularly to keep it coming up. I can’t imagine what I would have compromised if I hadn’t created a space in the next chapter – it’s worth the fleeting sense of being at risk – as it paves the way for you to be better.




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