Practicing Self-Sacrifice: 3 Ways to Focus on Thinking and Compassion


I can still hear the words of my old relatives and my elementary school teachers saying to me “keep on training”, “go on”, so that I can give myself time and energy to achieve what we want. As a young, toddler, I believed in all those things because, well, they made sense. They work. And honestly, I felt like the only way to thrive.

I did not grow up thinking the other way. I pushed and pushed my goals, reminding myself of the rewards I would receive from receiving discipline within my veins – and it led me to good things: graduates from a good university, a steady job, year-round promotions, and so on. I’ve found a lot that the community can take for granted.

Allowing my life to be guided by discipline, it encouraged me to go on a path of stability (visibility) and safety (community-sanctioned), okay, but… There came a time when I felt like something was missing, that life was still not enough. I started to feel uncomfortable as I wanted something else, something that didn’t need to be forced or pushed… Something that comes naturally to me. This was when I started my relationship with a sense of commitment.


Here are three ways in which I can inject commitment to my life:

  1. I live with understanding from the heart
    Contrary to many people’s beliefs, living from the heart does not mean being infatuated with, or disloyal, or being emotionally drained 24/7. It’s about listening to what your feelings are, your body and your soul … And you accept what needs to come out. Without all redemption and understanding.

This means living a healthy, creative, and engaging life in a way that is not important to your body. It’s about allowing different emotions and feelings to simply pass you by until it’s seen (and spilled out).

And in this foundation where every part of your personality is acknowledged, you will feel an explosion of compassion constantly flowing from within your depths. You will be brighter and naturally have more patience and deeper understanding in people.


Currently activated queries:

How can I become more empathetic?
What causes this course of action?
Can I live with this feeling and see what happens?
“If you want others to be happy, be kind. If you want to be happy, use compassion. ”- Dalai Lama

  1. I have redefined the concepts of alignment with the heart-centered life
    As I live knowingly from the bottom of my heart, I realize that my mind comes up with ironclad reasons why I don’t live a “proper” life. At first, I thought it was because I was not used to listening to my body about what I wished to have and do right now. But as time goes on, I realize that there are really many things I have learned that have expired while I am on my journey.

First, I have a different definition of what success is. I have always thought that success is a test list and everyone has the same things to take. Now, I see success as whatever I describe it to you. I don’t even use that name anymore. What I prefer to measure is my level of presence in everything I do rather than chasing a feeling I know you don’t deserve.


Also, I’ve grown up making decisions based on growth and efficiency. Instead of waiting for things to happen before moving on, I put my natural inclination to play and think. I ask myself, “Which option makes me feel so great?” To be honest, it was a hit and miss when I first did this. But when I took life for granted, it was easier for me to connect with what seemed to be the truth.

Currently activated queries:

What words tell me that I can’t live my life wholeheartedly?
Am I open to new ways and ideas?
How can you add more play to your life?

  1. I was taking care of my body in a way I had never done before
    I have found that most of my emotional turmoil and dysfunction are caused by a physical ailment – possibly due to my (recently) ten-year battle with eczema, my weight of 20-lb months before my marriage or the chemistry of my blood with acid. It was some time before I fully understood it and accepted this as the truth for me. But when I did, it was always a progression and going up from there. Slowly but surely.

Also, I treated things like exercises, took them out of the results and just felt how certain foods or certain exercise routines would make me feel. If it makes me feel alive, I do it a second time. If not and it is a strong no for me, I have completely thrown it off my list. I do that with the options I have every day – for dinner, what kind of exercise video to play for the day, how to hurt myself when I have rest and emotions. It goes on and on, and I have grown to love the process, even before I get the results.

Currently activated queries:


How is my body feeling right now?
When was the last time I felt alive?
Can I add other activities like this to my daily routine?
“Your body is not a temple, it is a permanent home. Look after. ”- Colin Wright

The steps above are the ones I keep going back and it has helped me reach a level of goal I had never imagined myself. Devotion is an evolutionary practice. That is what humanity longs for in its package. It is an act of refusing to be bound by civil laws again, especially after thousands of years of being given solid plans for how to live a healthy life. Dedication is yours returns to you. Are you willing to accept it?




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