Small Stories

Apple’s 10th result !!-Small Story


A hunter once strayed from the forest while hunting. He has used all his walking skills but has not found a way out of the forest and has not found anything to eat for eight days. He began to feel so hungry that he could eat all the elephants at once. Disappointed, he lost hope. That’s where the apple tree saw you. He collected twelve apples to feed him throughout his search.

While eating 1 apple, her happiness was boundless and she could not stop feeling grateful and blessed. Thank you for your health. He thanked God. He couldn’t believe his luck when he ate the first apple but he wasn’t so grateful when he had the second apple and he was very grateful when he had the 5th apple. Somehow, with each passing apple, hunger continued to increase and happiness continued to decline. He couldn’t enjoy the 10th apple.


Why? He had easily taken the gift of finding an apple tree in the middle of a forest after eight days of famine. When he took the 10th apple in his hand, he was very hungry but he just didn’t feel like he had it again. Economists call this a small decrease in utility. I would like to call it minimal thanks, in simple words, to take things easy. Or let’s just call it the 10th apple result.

The 10th apple did not lack flavor, it lacked the energy to satisfy its hunger but the only thing missing was its gratitude for finding food in the middle of the forest.

The hunter represents us. And the apple represents the gifts of life. The 10th apple represents our lack of gratitude for these gifts of life and we ‘take it all in stride’. As we continue to receive the gifts of life, our hunger, greed, and appetite for these gifts diminish.


The 10th apple is as sweet as the first apple. If the 10th apple fails to give you the same pleasure as the first, there is nothing wrong with the apple, everything is wrong with you. If you’re bored with an unpleasant day, it’s not that the day is short and boring. Because your gratitude is dim and boring. The gift of life for one day cannot be taken for granted. Nth year of life should look as exciting as the 16th year, the 25th year, and the 50th year.

Never let the ’10th apple effect’ make you take these gifts of life lightly. Never let your gratitude for health end. Good health!


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