Small Stories

It’s Not That Complicated-Small Story



There was a very wise man who lived in ancient times. He was older and educated and held the knowledge and literature with great respect.

One day as he was walking along, he noticed that his shoes were starting to wear out. Because he spent so much time walking every day, he knew he had to find the best shoes to support and protect his feet. But, back then, this was not such an easy task, as he could not go online and do some research and have shoes brought to his door.

The man did not want to make things worse by buying the wrong shoes and having too much protection, which could lead to injury and failure to leave his home and walk to get new books to read.


The man collected all the books he could find written by the only ones he liked most to find the answer to his question, “What do I do when my shoes fall off?”

She read several books for hours before discovering that she had no choice but to buy new shoes. He then spends a lot of time learning how to know if the shoes fit snugly. When he was satisfied with the answers he received, he was proud to do research and felt confident that he would be able to buy a high-quality place for his old shoes. He realized that if he had not done his research, he would probably have walked barefoot for the rest of his life, as he did not have anyone to tell him how to fix his shoes.

Following the instructions in the literature, the man took a stick and measured his feet with it. He then went to the market and finally met his favorite shoes. However, he realized that he had left the stick at home, which was far from the store.


By the time the man returned to the market, the store was closed. And, by then, his shoes were completely separated, so he had to return home barefoot.

The next morning, she returned to the market on foot, but the shoes she had chosen the day before had been sold. The wise man explained what had happened to the store owner, who responded with surprise, asking, “Why didn’t you buy the shoes yesterday?”

The wise man answered, “Because I forgot the rod I used to measure my feet at home. And anyone who knows anything about shoes knows that you have to have the right measurements for your feet before you buy shoes. I didn’t want to buy the wrong size, and I was following the usual instructions. ”

Even more confused, the store owner asked, “But your foot was in you, why don’t you just try on the shoes?”


The wise man was equally confused and replied, “All the books say that shoes should be bought exactly the same size as the shoes you have.”

Laughing, the store owner responded, “No, no! You do not need advice from books to buy shoes. You just have to have your feet, money, and mind so you don’t make things difficult. ”


Sometimes you need to take action without thinking too much about things. Information often comes in handy, but in some cases, if you do not have the knowledge or understanding, your knowledge will bring you to this point. In fact, it can make things seem more complicated than they really are.

If you are facing a problem, do not forget to use your thinking skills more than anything you have learned in the official study environment.



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