Small Stories

Walking on Water-Small Story



Once there was a boy who lived with his family on a farm. They had a beautiful dog that would go down to the lake for hours every day in the spring and summer with the boy to get used to bringing back various things. The boy wanted to prepare his dog for any situation that might arise during the duck because he wanted his dog to be the best hunting dog in the entire region.

The boy and his dog had a strong training session every day until the dog was very obedient, he would do nothing unless he was told to do so by the boy.

As the duck season came in the fall and winter months, the boy and his dog longed to be in their usual place at the bottom of a pond near their house. It was just a few minutes before the two heard the first group of ducks fly high. The boy slowly raised his gun and fired three shots before killing the duck, which fell into the middle of the pond.


While the boy showed his dog that he was going to fetch the duck, the dog struck the blind duck with trees and headed for the lake. However, instead of swimming in the water as he often did, the dog walked on the water, picked up the duck, and returned it to the boy.

The boy was surprised. His dog had an amazing ability to walk on water – it was like magic. The boy knew that no one could believe what he had just seen. He had to find someone down there to see this amazing miracle.

The boy went to a nearby farmer’s house and asked if he could hunt with him the next morning. A neighbor agreed, and he met the boy the next morning at his usual place by the dam.

These waited patiently for a group of ducks to take off, and soon, they could hear them coming. The boy told the neighbor to go ahead and get the bullet, and indeed the neighbor did, and one duck was killed. Just yesterday, the boy pointed to his dog for a duck. Miraculously, the dog walked into the water again to fetch the duck.


The boy was very proud and could not control himself when he asked his neighbor, “Did you see that? What do you think ?! “

The neighbor replied, “I wouldn’t say anything, but your dog doesn’t even know how to swim.”

The boy is always in disbelief as his neighbor points out the dog’s fault rather than seeing the fact that what he just did is a miracle.


People tend to look down on others’ abilities or accomplishments because they cannot accomplish the same thing. Don’t let this get you down. Just keep going and keep working to improve yourself. Maintaining a positive attitude is a key to success.

In addition, be aware of situations in which you may be tempted to refrain from giving credit where credit is due. Identifying the shortcomings of others does not make you superior.



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