How to Expand Your Capacity to Get More Out of Life


You’ve heard it before. We all have the same number of days in a year and hours in a day. But some people seem to be doing a lot within those time limits. Others read textbooks and try to benefit more from them and their groups. Strive to be effective. Or add more to your to-do list. But once we have been released, how do we reach the highest levels of success?

It seems that we are in for a rude awakening. Calendar, clock, to-do list, deadlines, needs, expectations, schedules. Then try to get into these walls by working harder or more. We think we work slower and smarter but in reality, we tend to try to be more balanced. What if there was another way?

When I was growing up, every summer my family would take a break from the sandy beach. One of my favorite things to do, carrying a plastic shovel, was to dig a hole in the sand as deep as my small hands and a plastic shovel could do, a few feet from the water’s edge. Then, I drew a boat from the edge of the water to my newly built pond. Then wait and watch as the water rises from the sand dune to the hole I dug. That simple childhood game was a hobby for the most part and most importantly, it teaches us an important lesson about power.


You see, time is limited. Calendar set. Our to-do list comes out very well. But the volume is limitless. An infinite way of thinking is to think in terms of volume. What that childhood experience teaches us is that when we make a space, this is a hole and a hole, it fills up. Of course, time is limited and there are a set number of days and hours available to all of us. But the energy we build into those limits and how they are filled is infinite.

“Try not to be a successful man, but a man of value. Look for a place where people want to get more out of life than they have. A person with great value will give more than he gets. ”- Albert Einstein

Strive to get bored
Like a sand hole, you have to make room for another entry. Hard work, productivity and increased productivity are not always the answer. Maybe take out the drain is. Instead of trying to achieve more, try to delegate, automatically and finish. Instead of trying to squeeze in too much, discard things to make room. Or as I like to say, fight boredom. What if you had time to put your thumbs together? Think about how much time you can spend giving to others, planning, or throwing away things that take up your time.


That includes jobs and yes, maybe some customers. That’s why it’s always best to only work with your relevant clients. Why? Because we all know the customers we bend back to, get to the top of the hoops, take up most of our time, and remain profitable. On the other hand, our qualified clients are the spirit they work with, enabling us to do our best work, are highly profitable and leave us time to pass on to other customers.

As successful people, we are often caught in the middle of a crisis. Uncomfortable in the moment of inactivity, we fill it with less use than we can better use our time. We think we have to stay in a lot of trouble to feel forced to our limits.

However, if you do not have time, how can you expect more than you want? What is the message “there is no more time” to wait for more work? More success? If you keep saying to yourself, “I don’t have enough time”, what else do you say is not enough? Money? Customers? Rest time? This, in its essence, is the thought of the deficit. Because you didn’t create much space. Time is limited. Your capacity is not.


Save your energy
Your power is not a pool. That’s why taking care of yourself is so important to your success. People are new for a reason. They push themselves beyond their capacity. Just as trying to fix a problem with overwork may not be the answer, preventing burnout by reducing stress may not be the answer either. Reducing stress is certainly part of the equation. But these are external means; trying to control external conditions first. The best way is inside.

Instead of trying to minimize the effects of burnout, what about increasing your power of control? That’s where self-care comes into play. Instead of a dam in the sand waiting to be filled, think about your energy back. You start with the full storehouse of energy and well-being you need to continue to be filled so that you have something to give.

Being in business is hard work. Life is boring. Especially these days. Don’t let your tank be too low. Your strength and well-being is the power to be filled and increased. Why does that apply to you? Rest? Hobbies? Cycling? Go to the beach? If you think of your strength as a dose and don’t let it get too low, it may not take much to feel full. Maybe a short break. Maybe lunch with your friend. An hour massage can be great.


“Either you run a day or a day you run” – Jim Rohn

Improve itself
“Your success rate does not usually exceed your personal growth rate.” This quote from Jim Rohn may be one of the strongest words ever spoken. Certainly when it comes to success. It is up to you to develop yourself, grow and expand to build the capacity for greater success in the future.

Self-employment and independence are similar to human progress on steroids. The level at which we have to go up in this event, learn something new, our buttons are pressed and recovered, and we get the best of us all the time at warp speed. How can our growth be so weak within us?

Energy needs constant nutrients to expand and grow. That is why we must always develop not only our own abilities, but also our own. Our minds, our attitudes, our endurance, our intelligence, our abilities. The ways in which we need to grow are infinite and that is why we must think of infinite power.


What I do know is that success does not end there. Your availability is not limited. But you should increase your ability to manage more with personal development on a regular basis so that there is room for greater success. Thinking of boundaries will keep you where you are. Contemplating the volume, with the endless power of increasing the power of the future, will help you to think without limit.



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