Imagine a life of abundance


Plenty is the spiritual principle that the universe contains everything I need and that everything I need is available to me right now. We all want more, though few of us can say that we have it to the extent we expected. Now what is the problem and how do we get to that point of finding it in our daily lives? The real problem – and the solution – seems to depend on how we view abundance.

All things are power. All we think of as normal, all that matters from the powerful mountains down to the molecules it makes, is the same force. When we sometimes encounter limitations in our thinking and our awareness, however, it chooses to see what our mind easily accepts – form. But if we have the choice to view the plural as a tangible concept (individual objects with a set limit) or as one of the forces (infinite and unlimited) why not choose the latter?


Diagnosis of Form Problem
One of my many blocks is getting too busy in the manifestation of this overflow. Form recognition reveals the many dangers of traveling on a spiritual journey. Our constant interest is often the interference of the ego which, in effect, serves a physical or mental form as a form of am-separate-ness in order to glorify its existence apart from all other things.

However, in reality, this reduction of infinite quantity in the form appears to be an action of GREAT limitations. Whenever the concept is put together for easy use it always loses its natural impact.

“You have to know that money is not good or bad; it is a tool to express your creative power to the world. ”- Stephen Richards

The explanation also has the effect of curiosity to open the opportunity for judgment. For better or for worse, we attach values ​​to things. For example, I may begin to believe that money is not important. As crazy as that will sound to others, it has been a blog for the rest of my life. I see money and think I can do without it. Maybe I feel like there are some good jobs or I think it would be too much effort to find and keep them or even the fear of losing them – and then what would I do with myself?


Visualization As Powerful
To begin to see, relax and put yourself in the place of the memories you remember. If you do not know this concept you should just be very knowledgeable and up-to-date. You separate yourself from the regrets (or victories) of the past and the worries (or hopes) of the future. It’s about knowing NOW. With this act of presence, you begin to become less attached to any kind of mindset of any kind, not just time.

Now, cunningly turn your attention to the plural. It is important to avoid pasting pictures of the forms shown on it as money or property. Instead of trying to figure out what you think the barn should look like, start to see the root of the problem; power. With your eyes closed, in your state of existence, begin to “see” the waves of energy – the sum total of abundance – all around you. Let your imagination run wild. He directs this mental movie; let it be as convincing cinema as you can.

Note a few things about the nature of this force:


No status. There is no solid meaning and no hard edges.
It flows where it wants to and as it wants. You don’t control it, you can just accept it.
There is no limit. There is a powerful and infinite depth of power.
It’s friendly. It draws you closer to him and lovingly surrounds you.
That’s fine. There is nothing wrong with a lot of power and it has your best interests at heart.
It’s perfect. The power of abundance is all that is good – health, loving relationships, and financial prosperity – without meaning between each other.
This power is the basis of infinite abundance. Plurality is perfection and perfection. Perfection. In many ways it can be described as heaven; empire on earth. Power has no status – you can’t see it directly as money or life or relationships or amazing circumstances – but you see that all of those things exist. We don’t get visual recognition but we can feel it. There is no specificity or formulation but rather – at least – the power of radiation such as sound waves or visual effects on a particular side.


Powerful Self-Determination

At the same time, you see yourself as a limitless force. In your case, this should not be the case; you are already awake beyond the sense of form. As far as you know, know that the universe is also IN YOU. Abundance is in your midst. Plenty IS YOU. So imagine yourself being the source of unlimited energy for yourself and letting it get out of you and join the dance and energy around you. In this acceptance of power, you see yourself as one of the real universe, itself.

“We are all rich. We are all precious. We are the majority of all things. Take full advantage of them. ”- Bryant McGill

This whole process is ultimately an act of acceptance of the plural. All good; there is no reason for fear to be drawn to you. You immerse yourself in ALL good things. You are immersed in the sea EVERY good thing that can or may be your demonstration. THIS is an abundance. You are not deprived of any legitimate, useful, empowering service. Now you experience perfection.


This method becomes simpler and more powerful in practice. I like this demonstration because it goes straight to the root of the problem — the formation of the plural as it relates to the plural — and is dealt with at the first level.By removing the strong ideas of pluralism I have found that it is much easier to incorporate into my life. If this has been helpful to you please comment and share it with others who may find success with you.



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