Get Unstuck Now: 3 Reasons You May Be Feeling Stuck in Life and How to Fix Them


Feeling trapped can be very stressful. It’s ridiculous not knowing why you feel that way, and worst of all, you don’t know how to get out of it. The good news is, feeling attached can actually be a good thing – it means you’re trying to grow. If you have never felt stuck, it is probably because you are a person who does not strive to be, do, and more in life.

But if you are here to read this, it is probably not you. I can tell you that letting you know that where you are is a good thing, so be respectful.

Here are 3 reasons why you might feel stuck in life, and how you can improve:

  1. You were not clear
    Clarity provides reassurance. Imagine driving on a foggy day – which may have been the usual way of driving on a normal, clear day, now that you have rowed white to your destination. Why is that? Because your clarity has been removed, which has removed your authenticity and your belief.

If the weather is bad, you may need to pass. You would be stuck, waiting for things to clear up. Many times in life, that’s where we find ourselves – stuck in a fog, not knowing how to proceed.

That’s why one of the biggest contributors to feeling trapped in life is the lack of clarity. When you do not take the time to get the clarification, you lose your confidence. He’s just like that car waiting in the street for things to get clearer.

The problem is, the clarity will not come to you. You have to put in a job to get it. Will you have all the answers to get for the rest of your life? No! But you don’t need them. You just need enough to get started. More will be revealed as you go.


If you want to be stable and on the path to life you truly want to, there are 3 questions you will need to answer:

Who / do you want to be?
What do you want?
How will you find it?
In fact, in order to avoid it, you only need to answer the first two questions. The “how” will be revealed when you start. It’s like driving a car – you don’t learn to drive it until you really get off and start driving.

Therefore, focus on answering those first two questions. Start with who you are and who you want to be. In life, the way we create what we want is to show it as our version that can create and achieve those things. So, the first step is to, specify the crystal for the type you want to appear as each day, and then start to look that way.

Next, make clear what you want out of life. Not what your petty friends and family tell you you can have. Focus on what you want. Wealth, relationships, family, or freedom, what you want your life to look like.


Once you know the answers to those two questions, you now have a filter on which to base all your decisions. After that, it’s time to start taking action.

“Lack of clarity that creates tension and frustration. Those feelings are toxic to any purpose in life. ”- Steve Maraboli

  1. Your influence circle to keep sticking
    We all know the famous Jim Rohn who says, “You become the average of five people you spend the most time with.” Well, the reason why this saying has been popular for so long is because it is true.

The people we live with decide how we express ourselves in life and the consequences we create. So, if you feel stuck right now, look at the circle of your influence. Are you surrounded by people who are content and play a little in life or people who really want you? My guess might be the type of content.


The fact is, you will never be beyond your reach. So if you feel stuck and don’t live the life you want, it’s time to change it.

Look, it’s easy to say, just kick the people who completely delay you in your life. However, most of the time, those people are our best friends and family. And while cutting entirely may be a joke for some, it is not for many.

So, what can you do to create a space between those holding your back and you. Limit your exposure to areas that you feel are preventing you from moving forward. Once you’ve mastered that skill, set a goal of building a new level of influence with people who can help you and who will help you get where you want to go.

Attend social events, attend meetings, and / or hire a coach or mentor. That’s the kind of thing people do when they try to get better. And, as is clear, creating an influence circle that helps you grow and achieve what you want will not get you. You must enter a job.

  1. You do a lot of thinking, and it is not enough to imitate
    The mind can be a powerful tool if used properly. It can truly unlock your full potential. However, it can also be the source of your struggle and keep you from sticking to it if misused.

The reason many people feel stuck in life is because they can’t get out of their heads long enough to take action. They stuck to the first line trying to analyze all the details of the race before they left.

However, the results are the result of action, not of thinking. Do you remember the metaphor of driving a car? The only way you will learn to drive is to get behind the wheel and do it, not by sitting there thinking about it.

“The road to success is to take big, determined steps.” – Tony Robbins

How to get out of your head and start taking action
This here can be difficult, because it takes self-awareness. You need to be realistic in what you expect of yourself, and then force yourself to act on that moment. That does not mean negligence or indifference. When you come across this, you have made more than enough thought. Now, it’s time to go.


One good way to deal with this is to find a partner who is responsible or a coach. Someone who can call you and move you to action when you are stuck spinning your wheels. If you have the self-awareness and ability to put yourself in those situations, that’s fine! If not, the partner partner or coach will be a good resource for you.



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