My Husband Does Not Make Me Happy


During a class at Fresno Pacific University, the speaker asked one of the couple in the audience:
“Are you happy with your husband?”
At this point, the husband straightened up, showing complete confidence. He knew that his wife would agree, because he had never complained about anything during their marriage.
However, his wife answered the question with a resounding “No”. “No, my husband doesn’t make me happy.”
The husband was confused, but his wife continued:
“My husband didn’t make me happy, and he doesn’t make me happy. I’m happy.”
“Whether I’m happy or not depends on her, but on me. I’m the only person whose happiness depends on her.


I choose to be happy in every circumstance and every moment of my life, because if my happiness depended on someone else, something or situation, I would be in big trouble. Everything in this life is constantly changing: the person, the wealth, my body, the weather, my boss, happiness, friends, and my physical and mental health. I can quote an endless list.
I need to decide to be happy without anything else happening. Whether I have more or less, I am happy! Whether I go out or live alone at home, I’m happy! Whether I am rich or poor, I am happy!

I am married, but I was already happy when I was single.
I’m happy for myself.
I love my life not because my life is easier than someone else’s, but because I have decided to be happy as an individual. I am responsible for my happiness.
When I take this responsibility from my husband and anyone else, I release them from the burden of carrying me on their shoulders. It makes everyone’s life much easier.
Never give another person the responsibility of managing your happiness. Be happy, or hot, even if you are sick, or have no money, even if someone treats you badly, if someone doesn’t like you or if you don’t value yourself.




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