How to Build a Permanent Motive to Achieve Your Goals


People are always waiting for the incentive to strike before they start working on their goals. However, waiting for the incentive to come to you before you start working is an unreliable way if you want to work consistently towards achieving your goals.

What most people don’t know is that motivation comes to you when you do a job. Most of the time you spend working on your goals and achieving progress, you get great motivation that helps bring about momentum of rapid progress.

In this sub-guide, I will show you how to build a reliable stream of motivation to achieve any of the goals you want:

  1. Create Less Targets for Your Bigger Goals
    People argue about whether you should create smaller goals or larger goals for your motivation but the real secret is to have both.

Here’s why:


You want goals and dreams big enough to make you happy working for the big picture
You are looking for small goals for your big goals to show proof that you are making progress
In other words, you need to have goals that are pleasing to you and goals that show that you are making progress. When you have goals that show that you are making progress, it shows that whatever you do is not in vain and that you are close to that great dream.

There is a problem if you miss one of these because, if you only have big goals, you will lose motivation when you do not see progress in 3 months. The same is true, if you have only small goals, you will not be happy enough to continue working on them.

Explain your big goal that you want and score small goals for that big goal to show that you are moving slowly but surely you are improving.


“Our goals can only be achieved through a system vehicle, where we have to believe strongly, and where we have to work hard. There is no other way to success. ”- Pablo Picasso

  1. Track Your Progress
    Motivation comes from seeing progress and results over a period of time. This means that when you are working on your goals, you want to write down and estimate how far you have traveled: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

The funny part is that you will not feel the difference whether it is 3 months or one year. You will feel normal. It is only when you see tangible evidence of your transformation that you have changed your mind and your progress.

That’s why I want you to keep a journal and record metrics that are very important to the purpose in which you work.

For example, if you are trying to lose weight you want to record:


How much you measure each week
How many calories do you eat?
What types of food do you eat
How many times a week do you exercise?
Having data allows you to see what works and what doesn’t work and gives you the opportunity to make changes to see the results you want. When you start to see the results that you want to achieve slowly over time, this will make you very happy to be consistent in achieving your goals.

  1. Celebrate Your Little Success
    Many of us who follow our progress toward achieving our goals do not take the time to celebrate our little victory. It is the small building blocks that form the basis for achieving our goals.

When you give yourself time to think about how far you’ve come and you start celebrating your little victory, you put yourself in a good frame where you reward yourself by doing something you want.


This is a powerful tool in ensuring that you continue to persevere in your goals as you celebrate your small wins that ultimately lead to your big wins.

Here are some ways to celebrate your little victory:

Eat with the family
Take a moment to watch Netflix
Make a hobby
The key point is to do the above in moderation. He wants to reward himself in such a way that it does not become a habit. That’s when rewards become more powerful as a tool to increase your motivation.

“A little success is still a success; the biggest failure is still a failure. ”- Mason Cooley

  1. Find Your Inner “Inside.”
    There is a reason why many people with New Year’s resolutions suddenly give up on their goals. People are happy to have their own business that makes a lot of money, their ideal bodies, and the relationships of their dreams. But when it comes to trying to change, most stop within a few weeks.

This is because they realize that the pain of trying to change is greater than the joy of living in a place of luxury. You need to dig deeper and find out “why.” Why do you want to change so badly?

You need to start asking this question whenever you are trying to change one of your habits. Things will get harder as it is harder to stay consistent in doing the right thing every day.

Here are some questions that you need to find and answer when things go awry:


Not satisfied with where you are now?
Are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of the goals you want?
Are you willing to change your habits and understand that it takes time?
You want to answer these questions honestly and find out how you can make it real.

The conclusion
Waiting for your “inspiring inspiration” is an unreliable way to start your career. Instead, the real motivation comes from seeing progress and results when you start working toward your goals.

The way to build this real eternal motivation is to create small and big goals and track your progress towards achieving them. You also want to have a little party on the way to keep your inspiration and reward. Finally, when things get tough you need to go back inside “why” for the real reason why you want to change.




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