Small Stories

The best gift-Small Story


This inspiring short story is about a young man who asked his father for a car as a gift for graduating from high school. The young man felt confident that his father would buy him a car because his old man’s salary could not afford that.

Imagine her disappointment when graduation came. Instead of a car, his father gave him a watch.

“I didn’t ask you this!”, Shouted his father.

“It’s a better gift, my son. You do not need a car. What you need is time and learning to manage it well, ”said her father.

He felt bad about having high hopes. And from then on, he had an angry heart and would not want to be in the same room with his father.


Years passed, and the young man saw no reason to speak to his father again.

Without his father’s support, he learned to work. And he worked hard until he realized that his father was right.

It was true. He didn’t need a car back there.

If his father had given him a car when he asked for it, he would not have learned the hard way. Add to that the lesson of time management.

After this, he tried to find and call his father. He wanted to correct the situation, admit his error, and show appreciation for a valuable lesson.

Part unfortunately? He was very drunk. He received word that his father had died weeks ago.

What he learned from the experience was that his father had a great interest in his heart. Although his father did not show up, he had his back and wanted him to succeed in the long march.



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