7 Days of Success: A Weekly Tradition to Become a Successful Business


We often say that there is no direct way to succeed. While that is true, there are some specific steps you can take to run your business effectively. If we could put this in order and build a system that would be followed every day, wouldn’t it?

We have considered some ideas and here are some suggestions. We are not saying that these seven things are the only things you should do, but if you try one for seven days, you may be able to create new habits faster than you think!

Sunday: Planning day
Take a break and plan. When things are calm, take a moment on Sunday afternoon to reflect on what you did last week. After that, think about the “little goals” you would like to see accomplished next week. Do not try to plan too many at once, just think of the most productive activities and focus on those. Always “edit to analog” and write them on official yellow paper or white paper to feel free to confuse and get a variety of ideas without restrictions. Lastly, “grow your garden” and pass on the best ideas in your church’s “to-do” list.


Monday: Get started
Once you have the key ideas you plan to use, plan the ones that are most important to your work church. You can spread out the activities on different days of the week or do three or four in one week. Focus on the most productive activities that you think will bring you the most money, and save some if you have more time. Write down six things on your list of “to do” that you think you can achieve each day.

Tuesday: Get up early
Although I am also a night owl, I have learned that I can get a lot of energy if I get up early and do a few important things before the day starts. This view has been shared with others in the past in the form of letters recommending you do five things before 11 a.m. and other similar ideas. We do not mean that you must perform any specific number of tasks before 11. Instead, it simply means that you can use the morning hours to accomplish as much as possible to start your day. This method can make you feel more productive and encourage you to keep working over time to get more profit.

“The key to success is having lunch during the day when most people are eating breakfast.” – Robert Brault


Wednesday: Focus on branding
Marketing is one of the most challenging things a business owner has to do to recognize their product. However, many tend to miss the mark because branding is more important than marketing. Without your thinking, it is not the same. Marketing is focused on products and services. Branding focuses on your business and how it helps people achieve their goals. When you focus on branding, you are working to integrate all aspects of your marketing plan into one solid strategy that will put your product in front of more people through multiple platforms and channels.

Thursday: Name and create
If you are a product-focused business, Thursday is a great day to focus on innovation. Maybe you have your own “creative team” meetings sometime, and that’s okay. However, spend some time thinking about a new aspect of your business and writing down some ideas for your next project. Get inspired and think about what Steve Jobs meant when he told his staff, “We’ll do it everywhere.”

Friday: Check and update
It has been said that “an untested life is not worth living,” but a limited business is not worth having. Take one day a week to check on your progress. Look back at your metrics, your ROI, and your sales on Friday and see how they fit in the previous week or month and think about where you want to be in six months or the following year.


“Don’t lower your expectations. Upgrade your performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best for you, and then do what you need to do. ”- Ralph Marston

Saturday: Do something fun
Yes, even anxious entrepreneurs need a little rest. Besides, why are you doing this so-called businessman? Taking a little time and doing something you enjoy, such as painting, bird watching, or photography can refresh your mind and spirit and prepare you for the new week. Do whatever you like to help recharge your batteries. Get into meditation or check out the Calm app. It can rejuvenate your mind and spirit that led to your final success.

We hope these tips will help you do something each day to get closer to your goals. It doesn’t matter how much you do, as long as you think about these areas that are important for the growth of your business and use them, plan, and analyze as you go. You will do it, one day at a time!




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