8 ways to be more productive


Being an honest expert, I always look for inefficiency everywhere! While it can be dangerous for me, the good thing is that I always try to think of how I can work better. This allows me to manage all the things I need to do, such as running two businesses, being a fundraiser, investing in assets, writing a letter, helping my husband on his 1000 dairy farm, rehabilitating etc.
So here are 8 things I can do to better manage my time and increase productivity:

  1. Synced Outlook
    Connecting my email accounts interchangeably on all my devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac – yes I am an Apple fan) is important for me to be flexible and connected wherever I am. This way I can type emails when they call me non-essential times for example while waiting in line, waiting for a flight, sitting in a car.
  2. Electronic calendar by categorization
    This should – everything I do runs on my Outlook calendar and is synced across all my devices. I also include color for each entry such as travel, business meetings, social networking, customer service, your appointments, etc. Birthdays also come in mind. In this way I can easily and quickly see what I have and what is most important to me.
  3. White board
    While I use tasks in Outlook or my iPhone app to keep track of what I’m doing, the best way to keep track is the Visual Management Board that I keep in my office. This is a white board that I have divided into important categories e.g. Property, Business, Letter, Organization and under each category I enter the points of the characters the things I need to work on. I have a column for Today and this Sunday. I find it a great way to look at everything and track everything in one board and in one place. And it gives you a sense of accomplishment and control.
  4. Electronic notes
    There’s nothing worse than having a million posts stuck on your desk (though I admit I have a few) or pieces of paper everywhere. What’s worse is when you foolishly try to find an important note you’ve made in the middle of that whole paper. I write down all my notes and reminders on my devices (e.g. iPhone) and sync them with the cloud so I don’t lose data again and get it back as soon as I need to.
  5. Go without paper
    I used to get very depressed when I had hundreds of bills, paper documents and sleeping files that needed to be put somewhere. My shelves were full of folders. Not anymore. If I need to keep a document or a credit card, as soon as I receive it, I scan it and install it electronically. I keep hard drive drives to make sure nothing is lost. And I have a shredder for disposing of sensitive documents.
  6. Clear Desk Policy
    At the end of each day, I wipe my desk and put everything in a safe place. This way I can start tomorrow with a clean slate and a new mind. This works wonders for your clarity and productivity.
  7. Scheduled Week of Work
    This is great! I set a regular weekly schedule with Monday – Friday on it and each day I have regular times assigned to specific activities. For example Monday morning from 7-9am you are banned from writing my book, Tuesday 8-10 you are banned from writing essays, Friday from 7-8 am you are banned from my weekly Tip Improvement Tip and 8-10am you are banned from working on my business marketing. In this way you make sure you are working on the important $ 1000 tasks and not just filling your day with emails, calls and maybe more $ 10 tasks.
  8. Small Bites to Bite
    I try to make a small amount of it every day. So instead of having a lot of work to do, I break things down and work part-time each day. In this way the great awesome work is best handled. So for example every day I devote some time to business, property, the role of my Treasurer, my book etc. That way it is done slowly each day and does not feel overwhelmed. And surprisingly, he made things happen so quickly that they were divided into smaller parts and worked one step at a time.



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