Do Not Take Life For granted


Don’t just pursue career or education goals
; set goals to give you a balanced, successful life.

Measured ways to ensure your health, relationships,
peace of mind is well organized.

There is no reason to get a promotion
the day of your separation. There is no fun in driving
car if your back hurts. Shs
The opposition is not fun
if your mind is full of disagreements.


Don’t take life
sin. Life is not meant to be taken seriously,
as we are temporary here. Sifana no
a prepaid prepaid card. If we are lucky,
we can stay another 50 years. And just 50 years
2,500 weekends. Would we really need to get that
did you work

All right, hit the low points
With a few notes, take a break from work,
fight a bit with your partner …

Okay … We are human
people, not fixed devices ..! “Don’t be like that
seriously, enjoy Life as it comes “



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