Do You Need Success? Work on Your Thoughts!


There is a popular saying that it is the product of our thoughts. That means we become what we think so I decided to write this article to understand the importance of thoughts, donations, thought analysis and purification techniques.

Throughout the day we keep thinking about things, events, families, issues, the future, money, the office and a number of other things. Our thoughts motivate us to take some action and continue to motivate us to go where we are going with each action. That means that our thought is the most powerful part of our destiny as it is the cause of all actions. In my opinion, our Thinking process basically consists of five contributing factors. I will add more details for each feature and summarize the Reflection Tips under each section below:

  1. Education:

Education expands the scope of our minds. Further education means that the mind is exposed to a great deal of knowledge and opportunities. Education combined with experience leads to greater mental development compared to the less educated person. Therefore the quality of thought is directly linked to education. So in order to keep our ‘thoughts’ healthy we need to look for Good Knowledge, information that stimulates our brain cells, gives us good energy and increases our mental capacity. So we have to keep learning new things for the rest of our lives so that we can work together.

  1. Desires:

This is sometimes a murderous factor. For example, if we allow our brain to work behind our instincts without realizing it, we will end up thinking of shortcuts in our lives for our own good. This short cut kills the purity of the mind and as a result commits us to do evil in society such as back biting, lying, cheating, stealing, fraud, bribery and other forms of corruption. Therefore, we must sell control over our desires to control this practice. But this does not mean that we should give up our true desires. Remember, good intentions coupled with good thoughts and actions will lead to success. However Good Desires combined with Negative Thoughts and Actions will lead to the crime I just mentioned above.

  1. Enlarged:

Each of us has a different upbringing from our parents. Some of us have grown up in a family with a very healthy family background. Others have mixed and happy contexts with both the good and the bad in terms of finances, family ties, and social life. Our mental development is based on all the events that took place in our childhood, adolescence and in our modern life. We cannot go back to the past to change what we were raised with but what we can do is throw away the negative part of the past and cling to the good. Straight forward. If we wish to keep negative things in mind, it means that we are polluting your brain and your ‘thinking system’. So the choice is ours!

Company (family and friends):

This is something we can really work on to make our lives happier. The ‘human space’ of maturity is an indication of healthy mental growth. We must always try to be surrounded by people who are good, fun-loving, friendly, hopeful, constructive, happy and prosperous so the brain is free from stress so the brain will start to work with positive thoughts. When we have a family, we should always try to create a happy environment by meeting the reasonable desires of family members, cracking jokes, listening with empathy. This helps to transform the brain into positive emotions and that is why our future thoughts will be mature, optimistic and stress-free.



Good and bad things happen to everyone but we must not completely abandon them in our circumstances. It is said that life is 20% what happens to us and 80% how we react to it. So think of all the challenges as a new adventure and try to use the best way out for a safe exit. Take control of your situation with people who behave in a certain way, in dealing with others, and taking steps to correct and prevent any misconduct. There are situations where we have no control over the events that have happened to us. In this case, we have no choice but to live with the condition. However, we must not allow such things to rob us of peace of mind. So we need to seek help from others and try to find a solution. It is recommended that you do not get too involved in any situation. It has been wisely said by a person that if you cannot laugh at the same joke over and over again why worry about the same problem over and over again!


He is the product of your thoughts. The quality of your thoughts determines the level of peace of mind. Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit. So every seed of thought is important. Always remember: Small minds think and talk about people, ordinary minds think and talk about events, higher minds think and discuss ideas and a good mind that brings out and inspires peace.




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