6 reasons why you should not glorify failure after you have failed


Many people are ashamed of their failure. When they smell the failure, they stop immediately because the community is quick to notice. But you should not be ashamed of your failure. Many people have failed. I have repeatedly failed in my careers, business, relationships and more. Still, I keep trying because failure is not a final decision.

On the flip side of money, many people praise failure when they fail. When I see this happen, it leaves me with a sense of self-examination. I understand that praising you makes them feel better. It helps them not to feel condemned for failure. At the same time, glorifying failure in your areas of life has certain negative consequences.

Here are some reasons why I believe that failure should not be underestimated:

  1. A brilliant failure stops you from learning from your mistakes
    The main reason many people fail is because they make some mistakes. Assuming they have more knowledge, it is possible that mistakes were made. If they say they are scrutinizing their options carefully, failure may not have occurred. But none of these things happened. An error has occurred and is undeniable.

A good way to keep learning is to make mistakes or mistakes, so that you can prevent them from happening later in life. Glorious failure makes you look for valid reasons for what happened.

  1. Glorious failure makes you defensive
    People hate criticism. It brings out the worst in us because it makes us feel judged and unworthy. When you glorify failure, it is like defending your actions. In your mind, you will give reasons for what happened. For example, if a relationship does not work out, you will probably blame someone else. He will criticize you for their inadequacies.

You will probably never blame yourself. While each situation is unique and different, you can’t dismiss the fact that it takes two to tango. You cannot deny that it is the job of two people to make a relationship work. Glorious failure gives you the backbone to blame someone else while freeing yourself and your actions.

“No one is coming to save you. Your life is your 100% responsibility. Arrange accordingly. ”

  1. Glorious failure leaves you uncomfortable
    No one wants to live a simple life. Or you? We all dream of greatness. We all dream of success. Few people follow their dreams. Others live in a dream world for fear of failure. Did you know that refusing to try is like failing again?

Failure does not really happen if you take action on certain things and watch them crumble. Failure also occurs when you do nothing according to your dreams. You may not know it but you have failed. By default, you have acknowledged the failure and given you the power to control your life leaving you in the middle for years to come.

  1. Glorious failure stops you from taking risks
    Life is full of dangers. As an entrepreneur, I fully understand this. When I first wanted to start my own business, I put my ideas into many potential investors. The first person I missed looked at me critically, saying a lot of things that would take up all the space here when I type it.

In summary, they told me that my opinion was not as good as I had thought, and changing it a little would help me better sell my voice. I immediately felt that I had failed because you had not bought my opinion. But instead of learning from it, I forgave their words. I replied that they did not know that gold was staring at them. It was as if they were very emotional.


All in all, I forgave my failure and refused to send it to anyone again for months. My thinking process prevented me from taking risks that I knew would help me grow my business. In this one connection, I learned when you highlight failure, you stop taking risks that can help you grow.

“The biggest risk is not putting yourself at risk… In a rapidly changing world, the only guaranteed strategy is to fail at risk.” – Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Glorious failure blinds wisdom
    If you follow my story above carefully, you will see that high failure blinds wisdom. Because of my actions, I have not been able to critically analyze and comment on the comments of my potential investor. Apparently they had enough intentions to see that my ideas were positive, but not negative.

They knew that with just a little bit of art, my ideas could be better and more expensive than I had ever imagined. It took me a while, but eventually I changed my mind and their predictions were true. If I had not forgiven their words when they first gave them, I would have read and challenged my creative side. But those months when I glorified my failings blinded my intellect.

  1. Glorious failure teaches laziness
    Refusing to praise failure when I fail is one secret that I know has helped me become better in all aspects of my life. I know I want to succeed. I know I want to achieve more. How can I do that if I take a break from my rowing and recommend failure when it happens?

It doesn’t work that way. Successful people are in control of everything. It doesn’t matter that there is discomfort and uncertainty. Those are the things that drive people to beauty. And there is no better teacher for those critical matters than failure. Not just failure but learning about failure when it happens.

Failure is something we are all afraid of. Yes, I too am afraid of failure sometimes. But in the end, I think I have nothing to lose. When I feel down, I remember the words of Lance Armstrong: “The pain is temporary. To stop living forever ”.

How to deal with failure? Let us know in the comments below!




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