Reducing the gap between probability and performance


First let’s understand what the potential is and what the performance is. What is possible is the ability to do or accomplish something and performance is the actual work done from time to time. The actual value of this activity may be equal to or less than the Possible. For example, a builder (has the capacity) to put 1000 bricks a day, but he puts 800 bricks (Strong). In this example, there is a 200-brick gap that should have been set by the builder in good condition.
So let us review some of the features
it needs to be considered in order to reduce the gap between probability and performance. Analysis can be applied to a variety of situations such as office work, homework or even self-study.

1- Stress in the workplace: Managers need to consider carefully whether any work is disrupted for any reason (be it personal or office politics or other office stress). The manager needs to discuss it in person to reduce or correct the stressful situation. If there are ethical issues, his supervisor will take the necessary action against employees trapped in ethical matters.


2- Skills development: The saw should be sharpened now. Read this interesting story to understand the concept in detail.

3- Appropriate remuneration: An employee needs to be remunerated according to his or her ability. Also, the level of embarrassment increases when different employees are not treated equally.

4- Health: Proper amount of rest should be provided to employees in the event of illness. Employment will inevitably be reduced if an employee is forced to work beyond his or her life limits.

Activity 5- Team: Encourage all team members to work towards the same goal. Combine rewards and accomplish tasks.
Conclusion: Improving the indicator of happiness and loyalty in the company will improve the outreach. Think of each member’s opinion as he wakes up in the morning, before going to the office. Are you excited about coming to the office or are you just late? Are you a motivating and hardworking worker? Remember, employees are like strikers who need to be paid regularly in order to work properly.




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