Renew Your Married Life With These Tips


Marriage, at times, is difficult for both men and women, and living with someone for years in the same home while you face the challenges of raising children, supporting your health, working, and dealing with health problems is not easy at all.
So if you are looking for a strong rock marriage, which will last a long time – Read these words of advice carefully, write them in your heart!

  1. Do it with surprise from time to time, leaving love notes in the house.
  2. Work as a team.
  3. Say I love you to each other every day.
  4. Hug or kiss every day
  5. Do not abstain from sex unless it is in agreement with the specific circumstances or circumstances!
  6. At least one night of romance once a week, and then go beyond making it special
  7. Be a good friend to each other
  8. Let no one get involved in your marital affairs including parents, rules and friends!

Exercise and exercise together

  1. Put your children first, then your marriage, then your extended family, then everything else in thats order.
  2. Be open with each other.
  3. Set boundaries in your marriage. It is important for both of you to know what you can and cannot do.
  4. Put aside your pride and arrogance – the winner of the controversy is often the loser!
  5. Make a favorite meal.
  6. Do things your partner likes without you supporting them in their performance.
  7. Don’t go tit for tat. Learn to let go.
  8. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger – some words try to solve the problem quickly
  9. Collaborate, and surround yourself with other happy married couples
  10. Plan and surprise your spouse on romantic holidays as your budget allows
  11. Live a healthy lifestyle
  12. Look her in the eye, touch her face and thank her for enduring good times and bad
  13. Do not lie to one another. The hard truth always gets better and the lies are easier
  14. Ask your spouse if his or her needs are met.
  15. Spend some kind of quality time with your partner
  16. Invest in your marriage – make your marriage back at least 2x a year
  17. Read books together and discuss God’s plan for marriage.
  18. Renew your vows – remember your promise to your partner when you change – for better or worse in sickness and health.
  19. Be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices – things you may feel you don’t want to do – but do it anyway
  20. Be prepared to make a lot of compromises.
  21. Listen to your spouse’s guidance.
  22. Ask your partner about areas in which they can improve.
  23. Hear each other.
  24. Try to solve problems and problems when you are both calm.
  25. Instead of trying to be righteous, look for a solution that brings peace.
  26. Do not use sarcasm.
  27. Tell your spouse that you cannot live without them.
  28. If you know you made a mistake, be prepared to make amends.
  29. Be willing to apologize and be willing to forgive when a situation arises.
  30. Fight for your marriage!
  31. Don’t focus on your partner’s weaknesses but focus on their strengths.
  32. Keep a good company around you and your own, looking for people who will encourage and nurture you!
  33. Men help in the house – remember that your wife is a helper but that does not mean you do everything.
  34. Wives should encourage their husbands and give them commendation, it strengthens them.
  35. Find your strengths and weaknesses and be willing to help each other where you are weak.
  36. Share your goals and dreams.
  37. ​​Always consult with each other when making major decisions
  38. Give many recommendations to each other
  39. Understand the green grass, you should water your grass more
  40. Don’t compare your marriage to someone else’s – you don’t know what goign is behind closed doors
  41. Watch what you put in your spirit. Today’s real-life shows, public opinion, and what you see on tv are not good examples of marriage.
  42. Never insult your partner in public – fix your issues privately
  43. Women spend time encouraging and supporting her and it is not something you will never find happy.
  44. Do not verbally abuse your spouse.
  45. Do not abuse your spouse.
  46. Do not bring up your past arguments, and disagreements.
  47. Never raise or use anything in an argument, with your spouse telling you confidently about him or her.
  48. Let your spouse know that you can be trusted.
  49. Do not give your spouse a reason to feel insecure.
  50. Read books about being a better husband.
  51. Read books about being a better wife.
  52. Learn your partners love language.
  53. Stay tuned by getting to know your friends about their likes and dislikes.
  54. Men make love in his mind during the day and then something else
  55. Try not to let your children see you disagreeing or arguing.
  56. Men are amazed by roses and the like, not just for birthdays, holidays and memorials, but because
  57. Women, your husbands can love miracles too, wear her favorite nighties just because.
  58. Don’t always try to find your way, but try to find a way that works for both of you
  59. Time alone – yes it is necessary, but do not overdo it. Let your mate know what you think
  60. It is healthy to spend time with friends, as long as you respect your marriage
  61. Never deceive. Stick firmly to this!
  62. Never try to forgive an error.
  63. Stay healthy and always look for the best for your husband or wife.
  64. Hear your spouse out before you draw conclusions.
  65. Do not keep your spouse in the dark about things.
  66. Never speak badly about your partner to someone else.
  67. Keep your love life between the two of you.
  68. Your goal should be to make your spouse better because he or she is not with you but with love.
  69. Open up new life to your spouse.
  70. Be open to new things, give your spouse the opportunity to rule as king or queen
  71. Speak – can’t read your mind.
  72. Say what you mean, say what you say.
  1. Take your time and relax, but when you start to act like people who are not united in your marriage you are in trouble
  2. Love, respect, loyalty and honesty should all be given.
  3. Have a vision and purpose for your marriage
  4. Remember that your spouse is not your enemy but your best friend
  5. Do not view marriage as a bond but view it as an opportunity to love your spouse unconditionally.
  6. Our condition should produce the fruit of the Spirit, love, patience, kindness, patience
  7. Your goal should not be to change your spouse, but to be able to see your change
  8. You cannot change your spouse, but you can change the way you love and respond to them



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