9 Principles of Hope


Exactly the point, below are my 9 rules I have made for myself so that I can deviate from living and living a carefree life:

1- I have to improve my ability not to look back in the past to read old chapters of life over and over again because I can’t go back in time to fix things. Whatever happened happened. Now is the time to review the lessons I have learned once and focus on improving my future and my future.

2- I have to stay away from bad souls which means I should avoid spending time with people who gossip, criticize, curse, complain, conspiracy, corruption and weirdness. (More on 6 C can be read at this link).

3- I must stop judging others by their actions. I have to focus on my business instead of interpreting their actions and commenting negatively. Thinking and talking about others can corrupt my thinking and rob me of peace of mind.


4- I have to develop a habit of gratitude. Which means at the end of each day I have to relive the fact that I am better than the billions of people in the world. Being healthy, not in debt, sleeping in bed, eating 3 times a day and using the internet are great blessings that millions of people do not enjoy. (More photos here). People with high gratitude reinforce positive positive thoughts.

5- I have to spend time reading good books, visiting websites with confidence, liking Facebook pages containing quotes and reading inspiring stories every day. This will help to clear away any impurities from my personality and strengthen my moral character.

6- I have to stop exploding and use people and situations. I should always be confident in the feelings of others and respect their opinions because every soul is different from thinking so I should avoid forcing my thoughts on others. I have to accept the fact that I may make a mistake sometimes so understanding others’ point of view is very important for me to avoid creating pressure to reduce my self-esteem.


7- I have to be optimistic about my situation even if it is not so good. I have to understand the fact that time does not stop so I have to start taking the necessary steps to speed up the process of change. A thousand programs cannot equal the power of one big step taken right now !!!

8- I have to focus on spiritual awakening activities such as a) constant smiles, loss of ability to argue, loss of ability to judge others, ability to react to things as they happen instead of living in fear and so on.

9- I have to focus on improving the quality of my thoughts because the quality of thoughts determines the level of peace of mind.



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