Depression Treatment: Feel Good Things


Feel Good Factors (FGF) is a psychotherapy you can use to overcome your stress levels to a certain level. This is a process in which you talk to yourself about the good things that have happened in the past or that are happening now. You start feeling “feeling good” about these blessings and successes and train your brain to shift your focus to the good things in life instead of just thinking about disaster. You remind yourself that the more you talk about it, the more likely you are to reduce your stress levels because FGF and peace of mind are exactly the same.

When you are stressed, you may feel that you do not have anything good to feel. That’s not right! In fact, you can use your positive thinking and easily find the good things around you to feel good about yourself regardless of your circumstances. Remember the fact that the blessings in your life fall into several categories (Social, technical, financial, psychological, physical, social, educational, technical, vocal, recreational, home / car / bike and so on). So, just in case you miss a single point, that doesn’t mean you’re in big trouble. There are billions of people in the world living on less than you do.


While analyzing your current problems and thinking of opportunities to solve them, you should set aside some time to dedicate yourself to FGF treatment every day. Keep in mind the fact that when you are stressed, your thinking process is affected and does not produce good results which is why the germs of indifference need to be killed through the FGF process. The more you practice FGF, the higher the level of gratitude begins to grow in your brain which will lead to a faster positive impact on your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Check out the great paragraph below that you can start making today:

When your head is on a pillow
and the day is drawing to a close
Count God’s blessings
Count one by one.




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