How to Deal With Common Flexibility


On a certain day, you may be experiencing a number of emotional changes depending on your circumstances. For example you are sad, or happy, angry, angry, depressed, depressed, happy or angry at different times. As long as you are happy, everyone around you is fine with that but if you have a lot of changing circumstances in terms of irritability, irritability, sadness, anger, efficiency or stubbornness it is a challenge for others to walk with you. Because of your mood swings, your personality becomes unpredictable. When you have suspicions about others, you are more likely to lose respect for your friends, family, and coworkers.

How, then, can you control your emotions? Below are some points for meditation:
1- Examine the causes of your mood swings. is it an event, or a comment or a performance or a personal presence? Fix the problem or start liking it.
2- Respect the fact that every single soul is different in terms of thought and action. You cannot order people to follow your own way of thinking and living. Relax. Give respect to gain respect. It takes two hands to clap hands.
3- Write down your causes on a piece of paper. You will see that your problem is not so serious!
4- Discuss your issue with someone and find a solution. Be flexible. You may not be sure of your needs or you may be completely wrong in your claims. Be honest, analytical and sensible while sharing your comments and wishes.
5- Be aware of others’ reactions to different situations. Find a mentor in your life to follow. Or you can watch everyone because everyone has something to teach you. Be very careful.
6- Avoid taking pressure. The more stress you feel, the more you lose control of your emotions and the more unexpected things. Read my article on Stress by clicking here and then clicking here
7- Develop Confidence in your relationships so that people feel easier to get along with you.

What are your thoughts on controlling your mood swings?




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