The Power of Not Looking Back


If you look at people who are depressed, you will see that they are always thinking about a particular event, conversation, failure, conflict or luck that has often happened to them in the past. Such people have no control over their thinking processes which is why they allow their brains to continue to wander in the past. While it is a well-known fact that luck happens to everyone, it is the human condition and the amount of response that defines the level of stress. Just as stress and happiness are incompatible, too much stress results in little or no happiness.

Always remember that everyone goes through painful times in life
you will agree that the more you think about the bad things that have happened in the past, the greater the risk of depression. So the chains of carelessness and pressure on your neck need to be broken and thrown away in order to continue your life.


The fact remains that you cannot change the past, and you cannot boil the sea so that a wise person will not dwell on what has happened but can learn from the past and take necessary steps to prevent such a future. The wise man will always be focused on solutions rather than on problems.

Here’s what I recommend:
Take a pen and write down all the problems that worry you right now. Eventually, you will end up with a limited number of problems that cause back and forth stress. Now the next step is to divide these problems into two groups. One party has its solution and the other team must contain uncontrollable issues. The troubles and sorrows of the second group should be avoided at a distance. You need to train your brain not to think beyond control. Divert your focus to problems that you can do something about. Do it now because this time will pass and you would be cursing these moments by taking action at the right time.




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