8 Ps of Vision and Strategy


The little boy asked the old man, “why is a fast horse better than a slow horse”? The old man said, “It has become a habit to produce more energy to run up to ten times than a slow horse,” said the young man, “and what if a horse runs in the wrong place”? The old man smiled and said, “It certainly has the same tendency to spend ten times as much effort as a slow horse” The young man said, “and what if the other horses follow him too?” quick “” Because that attracts them but all that shiny is not gold sometimes “

Vision is one of the critical indicators of current and emerging leaders because the results of a strong vision establish a better strategy to ensure success.
Its basic definition, the purpose is to visualize (visualize) the future now and to adapt strategies that include but are not limited to policies, procedures and action plans to ensure success without hindrance.

Below 8 Ps clarify the concept of Vision and Strategy in full:

  1. Choosing the Right Battle: Successful leaders are careful enough to choose the right direction (equipment) that can lead them to success with high success rates and great efficiency. This is not to say that they prefer simple goals but sometimes that they are more challenging than others. However they are careful in making their decisions because of being the captain of the boat. If the leader succeeds, the boat sails; when a leader drowns the whole boat is wrecked.
  2. Vision: How a leader sees the future is a very serious matter. No matter how smart the team members are; his personal opinion is very important. It is said that an army of lions led by a lion is far better than any army of lions led by a beloved. The leader’s vision is based on the level of industry perceptions, current statistics, forecasts / future and future trends, general knowledge and experience of related domains, further study and observation about the market and expectations of participants.
  3. Current Status: The leader must explain the basis as this will be a comparable reference when measuring performance and progress over time. A visionary leader should clearly define key performance indicators (KPIs); current prices of KPIs, benchmarking in accordance with industry standards, measurement methods and quantity measurements.
  4. Policies and Procedures: Review of current policies and finalization of tangible results should be done before starting the execution phase. However, the leader must be competent enough to monitor closely and change policies and procedures in the event of a risk to projects / programs. Market forces require constant focus and greater repetition of corporate strategies.
  5. Systems: Failure to plan is planning failure. The leader explained the high standards; SMART objectives (Specified, Measurable, Reachable, Realistic, Time Used) Once defined, the leader provides this to the management team which also uses the RACI model for continuous low-level implementation. (The RACI tool is used to describe the Matrix of Commitment; RACI stands for Accountability, Response, Consultation, Sequential Information)
  6. Pattern: Although small-scale activities are not the responsibility of certain leaders but are most effective when leaders participate several times during the life cycle of a project; especially when the WBS (decommissioning structures) is being remedied by the associated Project Managers. Sometimes his vision and experience can make a big difference when he reviews the WBS with the Prime Minister.
  7. Progress and performance: Corresponding progress and performance measure compared to baseline should be ensured by leaders. This also requires risk identification, risk analysis and risk reduction. A project becomes orphaned if the leader does not review its performance from time to time.
  8. Power Plug: Last but not least, a constant source of encouragement, fuel and energy for his team members. By this action you ensure that the ‘batteries’ (employee capacity) are charged throughout the life cycle of the project.



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