Do You Keep People Happy?


Keeping people happy is one of the hallmarks of God’s presence in your heart because spreading and guaranteeing happiness around you is a natural human foundation that is fully connected to God’s Universal principles.

Making people laugh for a short time should not be taken for granted because laughing is just a set of fun. You may make someone giggle or feel good with a joke, sitcom, good quick comment but this feeling is very short but keeping people happy with long words is your real success because it shows your constant expression of the aspect of getting high attention and love from others.

Below are some good tips for you about human behavior:


1- Do people often, directly or indirectly, appreciate your kind words and deeds?
2- Do people keep in touch with you by sending you text, emails, phone calls etc?
3- Do people trust you and talk to you about their problems to seek advice?
4- Do people share their secrets because they think of you as a deep sea that could keep a secret?
5- Do people see you as:
a. Someone with a soft heart?
b. A sympathetic listener?
c. A helping hand?
d. Conflict resolution?
6- Do people learn new moral, social, financial or ethical lessons when they meet you? Do they view it as a source of encouragement and hope?

If your answer to these questions is No you will need to work on the things that bring happiness to their lives that will bring you one step closer to God’s blessings. Also, remember the fact that keeping people happy does not make them laugh but actually creates a lasting sense of satisfaction and serenity in a person’s heart through your persistent loving and caring behavior.




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