6 cs you have to judge in life to be successful


Everyone wants to stay happy in life, but only a small percentage of people put forth effort to achieve happiness. Some things need to be worked out and some things to avoid … In this article we discuss 6 things that are recommended to avoid in order to achieve the highest happiness and peace of mind.

This is one of the most heinous crimes I can imagine. You conspire when you secretly plan (alone or with others) against someone to do something dangerous and illegal. In a traditional court this is a punishable act and nature always makes a way for you to take revenge on the things you do against humanity.

While healthy criticism helps to improve things but most of the time you criticize without a clear intention. The more you criticize in this way, the more you pollute your mind and build up the evil forces that rekindle fires by increasing the pressure caused by negligence. And criticism is an indication that you are not part of the solution rather than part of the problem. So if you would like to live a happy life then there is no wrong criticism please.


Cursing is the opposite of blessing which means that the one who curses is far from the blessing. Both cursing and blessing are indirectly equal to each other. The more you curse people, the more you will distance yourself from them and the blessings of the Almighty. Control your thoughts to control your tongue. Daily research at the end of each day will help you to improve your cursing habits. This will improve your mental health and strengthen your inner strength.

Your complaining status reduces your contact with people. When you start complaining about the situation, about the people around you over and over again, you give up your energy to fight and ultimately weaken your relationships with others and lose control over your goals. This act degrades your reputation in your community and ultimately loses your respect. Try to speak well or be quiet.

It’s hard
Pay attention to your news. If you can’t help but get involved in their problems. Do not confuse people with asking difficult questions. Speak only if you have good advice and a clear purpose. Remember, giving advice is a matter of loyalty, so put yourself in the shoes of others; listen with empathy and counsel to benefit your friend.


Corruption is a matter of moral decay or the saving of good. Corruption is a global disease that spreads like wildfire and affects millions of lives every day and thus pollutes all societies. May it be financial corruption, moral corruption or relationship corruption, constantly plaguing communities and families. The more you earn by illegal acts the more you drag yourself away from a state of contentment. Illegal actions always respond in exactly or equal to the magnitude of the actions you take.



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