Money Has No Memory


Experience has shown that:

You will never know what the cost of your education will be, but for the rest of your life you will remember and remember the memories of schools and colleges. A few years from now, you will forget the amount you paid to pay the hospitalization debt, but you will always appreciate saving your mother’s life or the life you get by living with newborns. You will not remember the cost of the post-wedding vacation, but in the last breath remember what happened to the joy of unity. Money has no memory.
The experience is undeniably anything that costs money, but the fact remains that the cost of experience will be forgotten, but experience has never been.

So, what if it’s a recession?
Be that as it may, there should be no economic downturn in your standard of living. You can still take your parents, if not to go on an unholy journey, at least to a local mosque. You can still play with your kids, if not on an international holiday, at least in a local park. It doesn’t cost much to lie down or take someone you love on your lap.


A great time to train staff, create leadership availability and be ready for the best times when they arrive.

Hello! Factors such as your health, knowledge growth and spiritual growth do not depend on the economy.

If you are not happy with what you have, no matter how much you have, you will never be happy.

Make a statement about the way you live your life: My feelings have nothing to do with how much I have.



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