Story: From Stress to Strength


Unemployment for the past three months I am depressed now for days. My son has lost admission to a good school and may have to go to a low school. After moving from a high-rise apartment to an inferior apartment building, I reduced my living expenses. My wife, who is a woman, naturally develops additional stress. In addition my father-in-law passed away last week which added fuel to the fire, which put our family in a precarious position. And now I have an accident too !!!

In these cases I have two mental options; that I feel depressed and continue to think about my problems, release my peace of mind and touch my family life OR take my negative thoughts and have seven great mental strengths with confidence, hope, consistent courage and uncertainty and continue to apply for new jobs with positive momentum.
I choose the second option because I believe that the pain I am experiencing today will give strength to my character. My strength will then boost my confidence and make me a successful man one day. I understand that time does not stop and does not always. I understand that the good and the bad categories are part of a package called life. While good times make me happy; bad times intensify ‘inside’ me. I do not really know how long it would take to get my blessings and I do not know the reason why God put me to this test but I do believe in the idea that God takes people into deep water not to drown but to cleanse them. Although my mind may not understand the wisdom of God’s decision, I truly believe in His decisions. I also believe in four spiritual powers; one of them says that whatever happens is the best thing that could ever happen.


After two months:
By the grace of God, I have found a very exciting career, one that is full of technological advances and offers a good salary. Time has healed my wife’s anxieties over her father’s death, though such losses are irreversible. My son and daughter got into a good school because the reception for the new school year was still open!

The whole point of this episode is that time does not stand still and does not always exist. One needs to have a strong lifestyle so that he does not lose sight of the pursuit of happiness and continues to pursue major health goals such as honesty, hard work and a healthy lifestyle. Now that I am back to the normal course of life I can confidently say that the most important things that helped me to cope with the tragedy were my consistent behavior, strong faith in God, and a positive attitude toward life, using seven major mental powers at all times. Therefore, while I wish you the best of life possible, I highly recommend that you show the same approach to life in the event that you become stuck in any of these situations.

Once again, I wish you all the best!




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