5 Ways to Develop Unlimited Strength of Success


The power to be a precursor to discipline. Discipline leads to habits. And habits determine our direction and the magnitude of success. For any type of success to be achieved in life, strengths and habits serve as motivators. They can accelerate our progress, depending on where we are in our minds.

I have been an encouraging speaker in India for almost 17 years. My work has led me to work with companies and professionals at all levels of management. In this post, I share the hard beating lessons I learned from their stories and experiences, and my mistakes and failures over the years.

Here are 5 ways in which one can develop unlimited power that will lead one to great success:

  1. Find your charging point
    Most of our exhaustion is due to our habit of distraction. We need to find a way not to let the world distract us. I’m a believer in the morning. That is a good time to set priorities. The onset of a three-hour headache often works wonders for our goals.

It is a time when most of the world is asleep and no one is disturbing us. The world will demand our attention if we do not protect our first three hours in the morning. This morning should be the ‘Peace Zone’ / Charging Point. And if at 5 a.m., we spend our time on online memes and YouTube videos, then we have goal setting issues, not power issues.


A person who is guided by a deep sense of purpose will not be wasted on less important pursuits.

  1. Simple to complex
    Let’s not worry. There is no hard work when we tear it down. When there is too much to do, the molehill usually begins to look like a mountain. A good way to beat this is to start with simple tasks and move on to great accomplishments. Rule 6 says – if it takes two minutes to do something, do it.

As we continue to accumulate, our to-do list becomes stronger and our initial energy level starts to decline. Achieving an easy task gives confidence to move on to the harder one. Weaknesses can be seen as Mount Everest which one must overcome. And that’s the way one measures that mountain – by climbing each rock, one step at a time. Let your victory over your weakness be your greatest victory!

“Nothing is too difficult when you separate it into smaller tasks.” – Henry Ford

  1. Discipline in the center of the universe
    Let’s not balance discipline in our lives. If we are to develop the ability to be successful, we need to make discipline central to our lives.

Let’s adjust discipline to the center of our habits and plan our lives around it. For example, if waking up early is your discipline, so no matter how much you sleep – you should get up early. If bathing at 6 a.m. is important, even if the ground turns upside down, a shower should be available immediately.

This is an amazing power building tool. 100% success. We need to remember that people will not help us when we bind our lives. We must be our saviors. Let us ensure that our actions are not governed by the observance of social norms and by the work being done.

  1. Hunger for bad habits
    Many people allow their entire lives to pass, making good decisions over and over again to make progress, without having to worry about inventing and following new ways of doing things. We let our habits control our lives. We need to fight a strong psychological battle between good and bad habits that determine the indicators of our success.

Let us starve our bad habits by exercising self-control and rewarding good habits with good deeds. People do not deliberately turn to bad practices. Deep down they know the dangers but are defeated because they do not know the great charm of good habits and cling to them.

We should try to focus on our bad habits with the opposite good habits. For example, if you have a bad habit of lying and you have lost a lot of friends, start a different good habit of telling the truth. It takes time to develop good habits or bad habits.

Remember that once we are ready, it will be natural and easy for us to be beautiful. Eliminate such habits by avoiding all practices, situations, and people that you would promote.

“Your worth in the world is often determined by what is left after your bad habits have been removed from yours.” – Benjamin Franklin

  1. Meditation
    Meditation is my correction. One can do anything to silence them. Or, meditation is one of the most effective ways to calm the mind and help it to concentrate.

The battle against the weak is often lost because of our instability and inability to stay focused. Be it personal or professional, the restless mind often leads to distractions, misuse, and waste of time and health.

A person who never thinks he thinks he is good because he has become accustomed to being restless. When he tries to meditate and calm down, he finds resistance in the strength of his mind. The practice of gradual meditation helps to build resistance to this resistance. And it helps a person to be sharp and focused. Too much focus – too much energy.

We should allow our good habits to diminish by repeating them over and over again. The mind that is focused on the tendency to stay relaxed rather than anxious, learns not to be distracted.

Rome was not built in a day and the power to have it would not be so. It takes hard love, a never-ending struggle. Most of us struggle with our old habits and practices. They will take time to melt. That’s what’s good about the mountains. Climbing disturbs emotions. But the view from the top is amazing!

What is your experience with the power of determination and the ability to build on it? Leave your thoughts



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