The first 90 minutes of the day are yours. What Do You Do With It?


Have you ever wondered why so many successful entrepreneurs you follow on social media and read articles about waking up in the morning? Waking up in the morning allows them to focus on themselves and do the things they need to do before everyone wakes up and needs attention.

Some of them use this time to work on their physical health through exercise and work. Some of them use this time to focus on their mental health through meditation. Some of them do just that so they can get to the tasks they want to accomplish before the work day.

Either way, waking up in the morning is the key to your future success. What you do in the early days of the day will determine what dreams and goals you will achieve in the future. Get up in the morning and produce immediately.

“Early sleep and waking up make a man healthier, richer and wiser.” – Benjamin Franklin

The first 90 minutes of the day are yours, working to create the life you want. Between 4:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. is when I work on myself, my body, my dreams and my vision of life; distraction free and in a new sense, body and soul.


For many of you, getting up early is a strange idea but for me to get up and roll over on the couch to work for someone else is a strange idea. If you don’t do something about your hobbies, personal development and your dreams when you wake up, then you are simply spending the best part of the day.

Your life will not change until you give yourself the gift of time to create and work for yourself and your ideas. I can assure you that the first reason people can even live the life they want is to not take the time to think about a new life. To work and build the best kind of them and work for their ideas, dreams and vision of life.

If you don’t make yourself and your dreams a priority then you will end up leaving this world without ever doing what you really wanted to do and finding yourself in a rat race wondering why your life is the way it is.

“Make every day a great day by starting the day with your own conditions and then do something with your dreams before doing anything else!” – Joe Duncan, Founder of Before5am

The first 90 minutes of the day are yours and whatever happens during the day, it happens but you are in control of your life and you are making progress in what is really important to you before anything else happens. Thus you begin to build the life you want while living the life you have already built for yourself or fall into.


Want a change? This is the simplest and easiest strategy and the easiest to implement in your life. I have actually dedicated my life to helping people wake up early so they can make that change with my lifestyle product Before5am. The idea is simple, get up early and use that time to focus on yourself and your health, not someone else’s. Your whole day can be about everyone, but the morning hours are yours and you need to use that.

Where do you focus when you wake up in the morning? Leave a comment below!



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