How to Stop Comparing Yourself With Others and Live a Full Life


It’s no secret that social media is a major cause of depression these days. According to the “Journal of Depression and Anxiety,” people who use social media are three times more likely to experience depression than people who do not. Although comparisons are normal, it is important to know how to avoid comparing ourselves with others in a negative way.

  1. Understand that you are shown the result, not the journey
    The fact is that the majority of people only show the highlights of their lives on social media. Often you do not get to see their daily work, and all they have to do to maintain that standard of living. Also, you will never know what they have to sacrifice in order to be successful. It may not seem like a sacrifice to them, but to you, it could be one.

For example, you like to spend time with your children, and spending a little time with them can be a sacrifice; while one does not want to have children at all, so they have more time to pursue their goals and achieve success. Would it work for you? Probably not. So, always remember that you only see the result, not the journey.

  1. Fill it up
    The best way to stop comparing yourself with others is to satisfy yourself. Be a person who does not need to compare yourself with others. However, this is not a short or easy journey. You have to have enough enthusiasm and what is most important, dedication and perseverance.
  2. Set goals, make an action plan
    In case you haven’t started your journey to success yet: set goals first. Be specific, and do not set too many goals. Prioritize your goals and devote your energies to the pursuit of one goal at a time.

After setting a goal, make a plan of action. Remember that the plan and you have to be flexible. If something goes wrong, review all available options and choose the best one. Sometimes the Universe shows you ways you never thought or thought before. Sometimes the worst case scenario has turned into a turning point leading to rapid success.

Do not go overboard with your strength. As a person, you have no control over other people and circumstances. Just make sure you choose the best option you can throw.

“You have to set realistic goals. When you set a goal that you can achieve without much work or thought, you are sticking to something less than your real talent and energy. ”- Steve Garvey

  1. Put your business and social media first
    When you start your journey to success, comparing yourself to people who are in the middle of a journey or who have already achieved great success is wrong. You will never get where you are going if someone else’s success hinders you from doing your job and discourages you. Spend as little time as possible on social media and take care of your business. Put your business first, and always remember your last goal to motivate you.
  2. You go through life at your own pace
    Everyone has their own way and their own pace. Once you have started moving on with your goal, and you know you will not give up anything, sooner or later he will accomplish it. The only difference between you and people who already have what you want is the amount of time you spend working on a particular goal. Keep growing, keep improving, and eventually you will succeed.

Don’t give up even if it takes longer than you expected, because you can always change your plan. Stay flexible, and greet whatever the Universe offers you with gratitude.

Even if an obstacle stands in your way, be sure to view it as a hidden blessing. Obstacles with opportunities to look at something from another angle and learn something new. After all, there is no specific way to achieve success, so stay flexible, adapt, and get there anyway.

  1. Remove limited beliefs
    Get rid of clutter you do not need. Do not be discouraged by your superstitious beliefs that tell you “you are not worthy” or “impossible.” Whenever you hear something like that from your relatives, friends, or acquaintances, ask them about it. Are they true or false? Your mind may deceive you because it opposes doing something extra and leaving its comfort zone. Fight for your limited beliefs!
  2. Stop caring about other people’s opinions
    Stop paying attention to what people might think of you. Do your thing, persevere, and stay focused. People don’t think about you often. It is better to try to fail than to regret that you never tried.

“Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who have a problem don’t care and those who are important don’t care.” – Dr. Seuss

  1. Be positive
    Be your best friend and don’t be too strict with yourself. Give yourself plenty of rest. Practice detoxification or delete your social media accounts. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone or impress other people. You do not even have to show them your progress. You do not have to tell them what happened in your life.

Focus on your life and your happiness. Praise and thank yourself for the work you have done. Rejoice in what you have gained, and be proud of yourself. Do not give up even if you fail.

How do you focus on yourself and create your best life? Do you have any tips or advice for our readers? If so, comment below!




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  1. It’s important that each person learns to embrace their individuality. Each person has to stay in their lane. I think wanting to be like someone else dims your own shine… So rather love who you are, embrace the positive and acknowledge the negative. Let your light not anyone else’s but your light shine.

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