21 Hobbies You Can Start at Home—Today


100th week of working at home again, I don’t know about you, but I get a little crazy. I spent more time in my apartment than I thought possible. My studio and I are very familiar with this process, so we can actually be… in a relationship? During this time, I remodeled my pants, redecorated the furniture to “keep it fresh,” and possibly counted the number of pieces of wood under it.

Throughout my time spent at home, I have been struggling to separate work and pleasure, and my life has become one of the green lights of working on my computer and shrinking from the bad news and the wrong political numbers I have been given. If you are also looking for ways to brighten your creativity, find a different way to please your soul, and be purposeful with your “mine” time, you may want to try choosing a new hobby. Thankfully, there are plenty of hobbies you can do with comfort in your home (which can be self-sustaining) that does not involve browsing Instagram.

  1. Learn calligraphy
    I don’t know what it is about calligraphy which is amazing to me, but I feel like I have to learn it in this life to feel fulfilled. I bought this inexpensive exercise booklet and these toothbrushes on Amazon and cut my scenes sweating while writing small letters in everywhere I planned.
  2. Work online
    Speaking of sweating, last night I did a free 60-minute yoga class organized by Corepower Yoga and wow, would you have heard of walking. My standard exercise options are not on the table due to the COVID-19 precautionary measures, but I still had my yoga mat and my breath and made it work! My cat was confused as to why I was hitting so many dogs on the ground and rolling over, but after a few minutes, he realized that playing with my right Airpod was so much fun.

There are a lot of restrictions on exercise, but some exercise centers are going up and offering free home exercise options. In addition to the Peloton offer a free 90-day trial of their online classes, Tone It Up, Beachbody, ObéFitness, P. volve, YogaWorks, and Pilates Anytime are all online programs that offer free trials to help you save money while keeping working at home.

  1. Learn to cook
    Listen, I’ve all lived on eating fruit noodles and red wine, but there’s something about finding a new recipe and changing your way of making you feel full and successful. If you are new to cooking, go easy on yourself and have a supportive plan in case something goes wrong (talk about personal experience here). If you are already an expert, plan outside and deal with that recipe that you have been watching for months now. Baking desserts are also welcomed and encouraged. Make sure you post all the rest in my own way.
  2. Practice meditation
    I have said it once and I will say it again: meditation has greatly improved my life. When I realized that you don’t have to keep your legs crossed with your eyes closed and wake up to what meditation might actually be, I found you a good way to get out of the chaos of life and get into my bad personality. The best part about meditating is that you have all the startup tools within you. You can do it anywhere you like, and it’s free!
  3. Take the ropes
    Q: What is a hobby to get me off my screen and keep my hands busy? A: Knitting or crochet. According to Martha Stewart Magazine, the difference between the two types of stitching differs from the “technology and tool” used. To my grandmother’s disappointment, I did not participate in any of the activities, but watching the videos on YouTube was very satisfying. I’ve been making one of the best merino sleepwear for Pinterest (which uses the hand weaving process), and this sounds like the perfect time to make my dreams come true.
  4. Learn a musical instrument
    Take your record out of elementary school, because it’s that kid’s time of light. Happily, I learned to play Baby by Justin Bieber on piano through YouTube in high school, and my favorite party trick to date. There’s no better time to connect with your music side, and YouTube has plenty of start-up videos, no matter which phone you decide to remove.
  5. Love
    Call your inner Frida Kahlo and get to painting, my friends. You don’t have to be an artist to pick up a paintbrush and be busy. If you want to travel for free, this drawing kit from Amazon has everything you need to get started. If you are like me and would like some guidance (with a good guaranteed result), this set of numbers is a must have. Add some of your favorite songs, grab a glass of wine, and get some art.
  6. Make your own soap, candles, name them…
    Sick of making bread and a tie that kills everything you see? It’s time to dump her and move on. You go with more soap than ever before (all that hand washing really cuts into your soap collection) and candles always add a little air. Why not try to make your own? Order certain items, watch how-to videos, and move on. Bonus: now you have easy gifts for friends who celebrate their birthday while living apart.
  1. Learn Photoshop
    As someone who proudly works for a media company, I have to admit that I postponed reading Photoshop for too long. I always watch my talented colleagues click away, create great content, and I find myself amazed at how easy it is to design a graphic look. When I open the app (yes, I bought it the day I thought I would “confirm and read it right away”), I feel confused and devastated to come. So far, I haven’t had time to face the learning curve that comes with learning Photoshop. I just downloaded our Photoshop course (* fun dance *) and I will finally make it happen. Let’s take the world of graphic design together, Everygirls!

Our important online Photoshop course reopens this spring! Follow @theeverygirlcourses for up-to-date registration details ✨

  1. Learn how to apply your makeup
    Why is the makeup tutorial so fun? Probably because a full face look like a distant dream – who has the money for the top 32 brands and who goes to any beauty enough to be glamorous all the time? I can’t hate you too much – all I’ve learned about makeup is from my favorite YouTube beauty photos. I love the good before and after, experimenting with new techniques (improving eyeliner with eyeliner, for example), and getting 411 in new product reviews. Some of my favorite beauty bloggers to learn from include Desi Perkins, Carli Bybel, and Jackie Aina. (Note, once you have watched one, it is easy to fall into the rabbit craze of YouTube beauty – which is probably not the worst thing in the world at the moment.)
  2. Learn to write code
    OK, so you don’t want to focus as much on production as you do at home, but hear us: coding is a real transferable skill that can mean great things to your career, whether you’re hoping to change jobs or are interested in expanding your knowledge base down the road. There are tons of online courses that can teach you how to code in your couch, which means that by the time you are ready to return to the office, you will have a whole new ability to come with you.
  3. Take care of your plants
    If you too have found many plants in the last few months, you may already be well aware that plants need constant care and attention. But if you have already seen the end of one, you may be wondering if you really have what it takes to grow your collection of plants. Choose plants that are easily cared for until you feel comfortable. Log in to resources about new investments for you. Does it need a ton of light? A little water? A certain temperature or humidity? There is so much to learn, but many resources to help you become a homeowner.
  4. Take pictures
    Introduce the DSLR you swore you would use on your overseas trip, and let’s learn! If you use your DSLR in “default” mode, you are doing it wrong. Although your photos may be fine, you are not using your camera to the best of your ability.

That being said, DSLR or not, learning the basics of photography can help you awaken your game and take better photos in the future. Watching YouTube videos to learn the basics of photography (unlock, unlock, shutter speed, and ISO), tips / tricks, and mistakes you should avoid can help you understand the camera you already have or encourage you to invest in one. Read This If You Want To Take Great Photos by Henry Carroll has great reviews on Amazon and another great place to start!

  1. Learn a new hair style
    If you often wear your hair the same way for many days due to lack of time to do anything you are not very familiar with, now is the time to pull out a branch and learn something new. View tutorials on YouTube or Instagram, combine any tools or items you may need, and give it a try. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Get used to being a journalist
If you have not already done so, this is a good time to start. Writing about the day’s events or whatever survives your heart can be a cure, but the art of publishing does not end there. Last year, I got bored of writing about myself, so I found great news publishing sites to help me get into new areas of my brain. Grab your favorite pen (I love these) and a notebook, and you’re set.

  1. Put your financial health first
    Financial planning should always be at the top of our list of things to do but let’s be honest: when life gets busy, most of us (myself included) put money back. There is no better time right now to manage your money. Dealing with money is not easy, but you are not alone! A good place to start? Check out our financial records, download one of these 10 TEG-approved books, or sign up for our 101 online courses, and you’ll be on your way.
  2. Make a watch board
    Making a watch board is a great way to do tricks while setting up your stuff in the future. It can help to have visual aid to remind you who you want to be, where you want to go, and what you want to achieve. All you need is a canvas / poster board, printer, some magazines, glue, scissors, and markers and you will be able to visualize your dreams soon. Bonus points when you face your FaceTime friend and open champagne while doing this – friends who set goals together live together, right?
  3. Give your old furniture a refresh
    This old coffee table in your living room can refresh us. Depending on what you want to do (and what the furniture looks like right now), you will need to bend and scrape the goods, some plastic (which will work), and new paint. Change the whole look of your space at any time.
  1. Raise an animal
    Feeding animals is a great way to spend your time. Reach out to your local shelter and see how you can get involved to help furry friends who need help. Not only can it lead to overcrowding, hugging, and kissing, but it will also help to prepare the animal for future adoption and open space, allowing the shelter to accommodate new animals. Get a puppy (or cat) lovin ‘without a long commitment, and thank me later.
  2. Deal with your bulk TBR
    For some people, the last few months have been hitting or missing when it comes to reading, but if you have a lot of books waiting to be read, consider taking a moment to step inside. I was able to go on holiday at sea this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford high-quality study time.
  3. Teach yourself a new language
    I downloaded Duolingo last year to discuss my Spanish (I really wish I could have listened better during my high school studies), and it’s one of my favorites. Ideal for beginners, portable, and free, always covered. Download it with a friend to practice together on FaceTime, check out these additional tips, and once the travel ban is lifted, book an overseas trip so you can “improve your language.”




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