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Spreading Happiness – A smile


The face is a complex palette of emotions. A slight twist of the lips and a blink of an eye may indicate happiness, satisfaction, joy or satisfaction. But in each case, the smile is more than just a feeling. A smiling person is often judged to be more attractive, pleasant to be around, honest, trustworthy, friendly, and inviting and is considered trustworthy and effective. Smiling is not a learned act. Even those who are born blind will smile when they have a happy time. A simple smile is a quick and easy way to tell the world that you are open to new knowledge and eager to meet new people.

It is thought that a bright smile is based on happiness, but research has also shown that real happiness can come from smiling. Even a so-called smile when you feel like a smile can cause endorphins, brightening your day. A simple smile can help reduce stress by relaxing your facial muscles and encouraging you to focus on happy memories. And forced smile, which includes only the muscles of the mouth, can easily turn into a real smile, illuminating the entire face. A smile that is genuinely happy may move someone nearby to smile, perhaps because of the origin of the expression on the prin grin. That smile, which some scientists do not believe came from a smile, showed that the smiling one was a friend rather than an opponent.

In ancient China, Taoists taught the benefits of inner smile because they believed that it protected their happiness, health, and longevity. A single smile can reduce the sting of an unpleasant situation and produce a better one. But don’t worry about it. Smiles are ubiquitous and look good on everyone. A smile, addressed inwardly, outwardly, or in a way that really enlightens the world and is a gift to those who see it.


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