Small Stories

Story: Helping Someone Cry


The little girl was late coming home for dinner. His mother did

the anticipated claim of a parent wanting to know where he was.

The little girl replied that she was standing there helping Janie, whose

the bike was broken in the fall. “But you know nothing about it

we fix the bikes, “replied his mother.” I know that, “he said

girl. “I just stopped to help her cry.”

Most of us don’t know

anything about repairing bicycles, or. And there our friends

they have fallen and broken, not their bicycles but their lives, nothing

Ours knows how to fix that. We cannot fix it


someone else’s life, even if that is what we would most like to do

do. But as a little girl, we could stop to help them cry. That

the best we can do. And that would be great!

Every night we will sleep, without confirmation

we are still alive the next morning, but most of us are setting the alarm

to rise. That’s called HOPE.

Sometimes you have to face evil,

to learn good appreciation

things that come into your life.



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