Success Has Never Been Owner And Employment Is Needed Every Day


I coached a basketball team at the University of St. Petersburg. Francis 34 years. In December 1987 we went to the west coast to play University of San Francisco. We were a small, open arts university in Joliet, Illinois. I can imagine that the players in that San Francisco team had never heard of us.

Although it was rare, it was possible that the NCAA Division I team would play the Division III or NAIA team. Unsurprisingly, a large school will receive a WIN and a small school will receive a guarantee, a fee to reduce their travel expenses.

We have accomplished the rage. We killed them as we beat them by one point! Although I don’t know why we won, I think there was a good reason for our victory. I believe the San Francisco players felt they could emerge, play a game, and get their victory. It would be so easy.

“Whether You Think You Know Or You Think You Don’t Know, You’re Right.” – Henry Ford


You Are Better Than Us In All Positions
The San Francisco team had 7 footers, 6’8 ”power, two speed guards, and the final selection of the first round of the NBA Draft that year. Our tallest player was 6’6 ”and there was no question but that they had better players than us everywhere. However, we were a very strong team.

Their players knew they were better than us but forgot that success was never theirs. They also feel they will not play too hard to beat a team that most people have never heard of, but forget that rent is needed every day.

We started well and you could see that our players started believing that we could play with these guys. We were up by 2 points in half. They came out on top in the second half with a lot of determination and energy. They were playing really hard especially the first five minutes of the half, but we balanced their thoughts and gained a lot of confidence as the game progressed.

“The Future Is Skilled. Be Better, Be Better, Be Better! ”- Brian Tracy


Health Study
The above lesson from athletics is also true in life. After you have achieved success in whatever you do, you cannot relax. How many successful businesses have failed because they forgot how to get there? Success can lead to haughtiness and mental and physical laziness. Many organizations fail after success because they think they are successful and forget that taxes are needed every day.

The fact is that you never did; you have to keep grinding and improving every day.




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