10 Steps to Ensuring Continuous Development


Yes, this is my second episode in consultation with management.
Well, straight to the point, Sustainable Development is an ongoing effort to improve the products, services or processes of any organization. Efficiency or efficiency can be in terms of cost improvement, better quality, improved customer satisfaction index, faster response time, faster production rate, error reduction, Six Sigma Compliance, power saving and many other domains.

According to management advisers there are three types of development;
Continuous improvement: Progress at a consistent level.
Continuous improvement: Progress at a slower pace.
Explosions: Large explosions with major changes in a domain or multiple domains, sometimes only once.


Below are the recommended Strategies for Development Process:
1- Describe the current performance of the Product, Process Services.
2- Find areas for improvement (suggestions found in the first paragraph of this article)
3- Examine the existing ideas
a. Consider the Fishbone diagram, the Cause Effect diagram. Perform the analysis by performing a major problem separation into smaller problems.
b. Seek feedback and feedback from management managers
c. Seek advice from Managers, Field Workers, Stake Managers, Media Specialists.
d. Consider consumer / end user feedback on the quality of products and services.
4- Make a final list of options. Think about the dangers of doing so. Think of ways to reduce these risks.
5- Make options one by one in small quantities in a controlled environment according to risk reduction strategies.
6- Prepare a review register and record the lessons you have learned.
7- Review the perceptions of managers, senior management, SMEs (Key Media Experts) and stakeholders.
8- Apply the change to a large extent and set a new standard.
9- Celebrate and pay.
10- Go back to Step One for Continuous / Continuous Development





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