10 Tips To Simplify Your Life


Over the past decade however life has been enriched due to more and more resources, continuous gadget building and the daily increase in luxury. This is very exciting but at the same time, people have increased their love of material things that has suddenly or indirectly reduced their whole sense of happiness. Nowadays, we have a lot of luxury items but little fun and high levels of stress. We have a lot of patients with diabetes, blood and heart at that time it used to be ten years back. The reason for all the stress and anxiety is simple that we do not live a simple life.

Below are some tips that can simplify your life and can increase your happiness level.

1- Avoid influence: You do not need to follow every single procedure in the community. If your friend bought a new BMW, you don’t need to buy a Mercedes to enjoy it. Live for yourself and not for others. If you buy a luxury car today, your love for it will soon end and you will be selling it at a great financial loss even though I don’t agree to buy luxury items once in a while.
2- Avoid unthinking purchases: You do not need to buy every single gadget you immediately like in this store. Do your Needs Vs Wants analysis. Buy only if it promotes peace of mind. Remember that nowadays the normal life of every gadget (phone, tablet, laptop, jewelry etc) is more or less 6 months due to new and innovative products released by several companies.
3- 6-month rule: Generally, anything not used in the last six months will not be used in the next six months. Provide such items (shoes, clothing, toys, cell phones, housing items) to the heart site. This will help to spread happiness in the community and reduce your space at home.


4- Avoid the Use of Credit Cards: Avoid this as much as possible. Debt is a silent stress and consumes little mental health. Your mind may wear out when you are young at heart. You may have high BP or sugar due to stress due to debt. Live a debt-free life.
5- Learn No: Do ​​not accept all appeals from a bank representative or car loan company. Do your review of “Needs Vs Wants”. Careful use is always recommended.

6- Limit too many social gatherings: Stay home. Spend quality time with your partner and your children in an empowered relationship. You do not always have to say yes to your friend to pick you up at home to join another meeting place at night.

7- Reduce your love of money: Spending and saving is important but don’t let your brain keep doing math all day. You love money to pull the strings of your brain and damage your peace of mind quietly. Stay away from too many thoughts about your finances.

Additional TV Sub-TV Books: It is proven that people who watch a lot of movies produce high stress. Read high quality books to learn wisdom and find great happiness.


9- Spend time with Nature: Instead of going to the cinema and supermarkets often, spend time in parks. This will free your brain, body and soul.

10- Change your eating habits: why you eat delicious food by visiting expensive restaurants several times a week. The purpose of the diet is to fill your stomach for several hours. So the suggestion here is to go for a light and healthy diet. Remember, many fried foods on the market increase your cholesterol level quietly which is why it makes you a heart attack over time!

Work for your real wealth and live a happy life !!!




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