6 Dispute Resolution Tips


Resolving conflicts in the office, in the community of friends, or at home is a challenge. The situation is sometimes worse when no one is showing signs of change. The tips below can be helpful when assigned (or shared) to resolve disagreements.

1- Be fair without your relationships with different groups. Sometimes your closure may be wrong. So make your mind clear and fair everywhere. Judge the people fairly.
2- Compassionate listening is very important. Listen to all the groups carefully. Put yourself in their shoes to understand their posture.
3- Carefully analyze the statements from each group. Write down the good
and the disadvantages of the situation from each group. Sometimes both sides are right and sometimes both are wrong. In your analysis you need to find an option that offers the greatest benefit to everyone.
4- If the conflict is between two people, consider a solution that is not suggested by group A, and B. Suggest a third solution that is suitable for both people. Consider the Win-Win situation where everyone gains something at a cost of compromise.
5- If you want to give advice to a party (which you think is wrong), give it privately. Do not do psychological counseling where both are. This will irritate one group and damage the relationship. Remember not to criticize.
6- Sometimes young people are right and adults are wrong. If the problem is not too serious, ask the children to be flexible. It always pays off. Remember that we have learned a lot from our elders (managers, team leaders, parents and other senior family members). So this is a time to pay for them to feel proud of their teachings and to develop trust in the relationship.


Developing emotional intelligence is another way to study people and understand them more deeply. According to Wikipedia “Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify, evaluate, and control your emotions, those of others, and groups” Learn this technique to improve your mental capacity. Google it.




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