Small Stories

Story: Keep driving


There was a lady with her father. When they arrived at the storm, the woman asked her father, “What should I do? “He said” keep driving “. The cars started pulling away, and the storm was getting worse.” What should I do. “The lady asked?” Keep driving, “replied her father. He got up and saw that there were eighteen wheels pulling. It’s bad, and everyone stops! “His father told him,” Don’t give up, just keep driving! “Now the storm was very bad, but he never stopped driving, and soon he would be able to see a little better. After a few miles he was on dry ground, and the sun came out.
“When you go out, look back at all the people who have given up and are in the storm, because you did not let your storm pass. This is a testament to anyone facing” hard times “. yours will end and the sun will shine on your face again.



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