Small Stories

Story: Everyone is unfaithful to Me


Someone asked a question to His City Elder, the Wise Old Man, “My employees have no truth in me. My children, my wife and the whole world are selfish. There is no straight body.”

The City Elder smiled and then told the story:

In one small town there was a room with 1000 mirrors. Another little girl used to come in and play.! Seeing thousands of children around her was thrilling.

He clapped his hands and all 1000 children clapped. He considered this place to be the most beautiful place in the world and could visit many times. This same place was once visited by a sad and depressed person. He saw around thousands of angry men looking at him. He panicked and raised his hands to strike them and when he returned 1000 hands rose to strike him. He thought … this is the worst place in the world and he left that place. This world is also a room with 1000 mirrors around you … What we take out of us is what the atmosphere will bring us back to. This earth is like heaven or hell. It’s up to us what we do with it … “said the Wise Old Man.




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