3 tips for a happy relationship


Happy relationships take more than just sending flowers to her birthday or having dinner. Strong and healthy relationships are built on communication, compromise and commitment that will ensure that other relationships are happier. Whether you are in a new relationship or celebrating many years of marriage, the “three c’s” reminder is a healthy reminder for everyone.

Communication in a relationship helps you feel connected, valued and desired. It also helps to meet your needs. For some, a special gift to celebrate the anniversary will connect your love and affection better than any words as actions are stronger than words alone. Even if you have been in a relationship for many years, neither one of you is learning the mind, so it is important to speak and listen to each other so as to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to anger or confusion.

Communication is verbal and non-verbal, but styles are different for each individual and need to be worked on in a happy relationship. Think about what you want to say and be clear about what you want. You should always check your understanding of what is being said if you are unsure.


Erase phone interruptions, television etc so you can talk peacefully. Accept the burden of your emotions and know the tone of your voice. Try to empathize with your partner and remember not to fight to be fair. Knowing how you communicate will make your relationship more satisfying and will make it easier to handle conflicts.

Compromise should be a part of your daily life as a couple as you bring your activities and beliefs to the table. Consolidating your life is essential to a happy relationship and mutual discovery, acknowledging or finding a third way to enjoy both of you is worth the effort. Remember that compromise has never been a sacrifice for basic values, beliefs, or needs, it simply puts the relationship before your courage.

Finding a common ground means expressing ideas, understanding and accepting differences. While one may agree, make sure that in the long run this does not lead to anger, such as when you have a different desire for dinner, between curry or noodles, for example, take a long view to create a sense of importance. There is no need to fight for what you want in a matter of value in a matter of days or years.


Commitment means putting each other and the relationship first, the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of another. This requires open communication and each one contributes greatly while making some sacrifices. Each should be committed now and to the future of the relationship, with the benefit being the real happiness and satisfaction in life. Knowing that each person is committed to shared experience, working through challenges and growing together will build trust and intimacy and help to release the fears and doubts that hold couples back together. This is not to say that commitment is easy. Relationships work, and some days are easy, you’ll also have to deal with conflict.

While commitment is important in a relationship, it builds positive memories, it is very important in the commitment documents, knowledge and support that is most important to you and your spouse. If you love watching football and love fashion and are learning new vegan recipes, agree on enough time to focus on this while you can still do activities together as a couple or as a family.





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