Self-Injury: How to Break Free


It was easy to blame in “2020” but now we’re here in the New Year… so how long are we going to use that line? Although last year’s riots shook things up, it’s not a license to no longer commit ourselves. At the end of the day, choices and perspectives can have a profound effect on our lives. So… is it time to check that your decisions are the ones that are holding you back?

The first step is to take a serious look at your behavior. After all, if you can see the self-destructive tendencies that are striving to last forever in your life – you can kick yourself in the ass. The key here is to see what happens and take steps to change the pattern – which will lead you in a different direction – and not to keep you stuck in a never-ending cycle of delivering exactly what you don’t want.

The game of Self-Sabotage is a vicious vortex that continues to drag you away from the success you want, more than you deserve, despite your dreams and goals because it is normal and in practice we find comfort. Why do we do this to ourselves? Chalk it to our subconscious desire for drama or the fact that change comes with a degree of evil that motivates us to go back to vortex.


“Self-injury is the smartest thing you can do if you destroy someone who isn’t really you.” – Armand DiMele

We are always familiar – even if it is not for us – to avoid the pain of change – which is almost always what we need to get to the next level. Wrong ropes can steal your future – without a doubt So as soon as you understand what self-injury is, how to identify behavior, and how to fix it directly – you will soon be living the life you want.

Here are 8 ways you can hurt yourself and your goals:

Do you make social media comparisons with your love life, business life, home life, and then compare your real life with the most absurd, overly graphic, and aggressively held messages in social media?
Are you a flawed person who often feels that everything is “not perfect” enough to move you toward your goal?
Are you attracted to the negative traits of your childhood, that you unwittingly allow yourself to be controlled by your actions in your present life?
Are you too busy managing your daily life and feel like you need more time to work on your goals but don’t have them in order to give up altogether?

Do the times set for you in the tailspin until you wait until the last minute to start?
Do you allow one bad moment in the pursuit of your goals to change your whole outlook on your plans and the smaller goals of the day… ultimately cause the entire card house to collapse?
Do you take any constructive criticism as a failure, and a “sign” to stop trying to achieve your goal?
Are you a master of the game of suspicion? Do you blame everyone for your actions?
If this sounds like you – or any part of it – this is your wake-up call. Time to take control from your alter ego who has been calling for a gun. Sustainable change begins with identifying the behavior – followed by targeted options that allow you to stay on the right and productive path.


“Self-harm is when we say we want something and then we go and make sure it doesn’t happen.” – Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

When you are ready to create a real change – here are three simple steps you can take to eliminate self-harm and leave it to the “2020” file – be great.

First, don’t rush into every decision you make or every action you take. Learn to trust your stomach. Don’t look for confirmation from others – they also don’t have the right playbook on how to get where you want to go on your journey. He does. Trust that. Second, get rid of dream killers and opponents in your life. They will find the problem with any solution you have. Add to the mentors you look up to, good friends who support your goals – and applaud VERY loudly as you achieve them.

Your circle is primarily your success. Lastly, focus on progress, not perfection. You are striving to grow and as long as you keep moving forward, you will continue to grow. If you try to control yourself to reach the unrealistic goals of perfection you will continue to feel like you have failed at one level or another. Put yourself at risk, make wise choices and be as good at your job as execution – not perfection – is what will help you rise to the top.





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